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We’re not kidding. It’s finally here! We originally built the original Camera Awesome app for iPhone in 2012 and received such a huge wave of responses from mobile photographers all over the world. Since then, Camera Awesome has been downloaded by over 20 million iPhone users, but Android users asked us every single day when we’d have something for them.

Today’s your lucky day, Android!

What’s the deal? Why should I use it?

Camera Awesome is your ticket to taking great photos at any moment of the day. It’s a powerful, easy-to-use camera app perfect for photographers (but easy enough for non-photographers). It’s for creative people who love capturing their everyday memories and sharing them with those who matter most.

Unlike other camera apps, Camera Awesome combines

  • a powerful, easy-to-use camera feature that helps you take fabulous photos and videos,
  • a creative suite of editing tools – including the one-tap Awesomize button
  • tons of filters, textures and frames
  • an integrated share function that lets you save or send your photos.

You don’t need a SmugMug account to use Camera Awesome. But we recommend it because we’re all about backups, archivability and peace of mind.

See what our friend, photographer, educator and Android user Colby Brown from the Giving Lens has to say about it!

Will it work on my phone?

To hit the most popular phone models of the many out there, Camera Awesome works on the following:

* Samsung Galaxy SIII, S4, Galaxy Nexus, Note 2, Note 3 (UPDATE 11/13/13: The Galaxy SIII is now available in the Google Play Store. Go wild!)
* Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, (Nexus 5 coming soon)
* Sony Xperia Z, HTC One, LG G2 (UPDATE 12/3/13: Support added for LG G2)
* Moto X, Motorola Droid Razr
* Kindle Fire HDX 7″, 8.9″ (UPDATE 11/27/13: Now available on Amazon Apps!)

Since each phone and tablet is a special snowflake, we’ll keep adding to the list as time goes by. You can get the most up-to-date, detailed specs on our store page right here.

Where do I get it?

Right here, baby! It’s ready and waiting for you on the Google Play store.

Wait, it’s not free?

The initial (AKA iPhone) version of Camera Awesome was free to download and use, and we got a lot of feedback from users who wanted – and eventually purchased – the many premium filters and effects. With the Android version we decided to keep it simple and bundle the goodies right into the app, resulting in an easier process for you… and lots more to play with right from the start, for $2.99.

New to smartphone-ography?

Our very own world traveler, Michael Bonocore, shares his Top 10 Travel Photography Tips with Camera Awesome .

What if I have problems?

Our support heroes are standing by to lend you a hand, as always. You can also refer to our Android help page here for a basic overview of what the different symbols mean and how you can get started.

Hey, what’s this SmugMug thing?

If you’re thinking about opening your own SmugMug account to store and archive the photos you shoot on your phone (or your DSLR), you can get started right from within the Camera Awesome app. It’s totally free for two whole weeks, and when you start your account from the app we’ll even throw in a 50% discount automagically.

Thanks to all of our Android fans who waited for this! We hope you love it as much as we do.

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117 thoughts on “Camera Awesome for Android is Here”

  1. Such a tease. Got me all excited and I went to the Google Play Store and couldn’t find the app. Went to the apps website and clicked the direct link from there. Samsung Galaxy SIII is not compatible according to Google Play Store. If this is an error, can you please correct it so that I can download it. Thanks!

    1. We’re fixing some omissions with the compatibility list on Play Store… and have updated it for Verizon S3 and some other models. The Play Store should update with the new info soon, sorry for the inconvenience!

  2. We’re fixing some omissions with the compatibility list on Play Store… and have updated it for Verizon S3 and some other models. The Play Store should update with the new info soon, sorry for the inconvenience!

  3. So iPhones get it free “out of the box” and after a year of waiting, Android users have to pay with no free option? Kind of disappointed, especially being a Smugmug Pro user.

    1. Hi Babs,

      The Android version of Camera Awesome has a slew of exclusive features that the iPhone version does not have. Also, if you were to purchase all of the additional filters on the iPhone version, it could add up to $9.99. With the Android version, you get all of the exclusive features as well as all of the filters for only $2.99. Having used it extensively for the last two weeks, I can tell you it is well worth it!

  4. Very excited to buy this. Is Nexus 5/4.4 support coming? Or is this a similar bug to the S3 one commented on above?

      1. Hi, I am a Motorola Razr D3 (Xt919) user. I couldn’t find the “save to external SD card” option. Would you mind tell me where is that function/option?

        Thank you.

  5. my biggest question with camera app (stock included) “Does the ‘Auto’ option actually work? I have yet to see an app, and I’ve tried LOTS, where I don’t have to tell it what kind of light it is in (incandescent, daylight, florescent..). I have a Galaxy Nexus, but my older phones had the same issue. I just want a good -accurate- point an shoot app on my phone..

  6. How can i get this on my Nexus 5? says not compatible, i know Phil from Andriod Central is using it as he just gave you guys a nice review, the camera app sucks on my N5 and wanted to go buy this

  7. Sorry but you need to fix the ugly iOS style interface first, it really clashes wih the smarter, more professional Android look.

  8. Ok I’m the third person asking for support for the LG G2!! Lets get this done please! The G2 already has the best Android camera so it would be awesome to have this great app!

  9. I’m considering joining SmugMug and read above where you wrote that you’ll “throw in a 50% discount automagically.” Was this 50% off the app or a SmugMug account?

    I ask because, on the Google Apps store you write, “New to SmugMug? Sign up through the app and automatically save 25% off your first year.” I’m sure that you’re referring to 25% off a new SmugMug account. But I was wondering, if my SmugMug trial already expired, am I still qualified to receive a 25% discount if I purchase and then sign up through your Camera Awesome app?

    Thank you – James

    1. Hi James – Not sure where you are seeing the 25% off. If you sign up through the app, for a new trial, you will receive a 50% discount when you pay for that account. Hope that helps.

  10. That is just great. A loyal Smugmug subscriber since 2005, I have been paying to use the web site and then patiently waited for an Android version of this app to come out. It comes out, is not compatible with my Samsung S2 and, oh, wait a minute, it also costs money. Well that is just great. The original MacAskill ethos is so far removed here that you could think it was Adobe running the show. Great work, guys.

  11. What about the Samsung Galaxy Camera, which i think has the same hardware has the Galaxy S3… Would be very cool to install it on that! just installed it on my Note 3… Very cool!

    1. Hi! Our discount coupons are only available on new accounts only. Sorry! We have a referral credit program to earn discounts on existing memberships, so you earn money off your renewals based on the people you bring to SmugMug.

  12. Very disappointing… I already have SmugFolio and SmugFolio Upload installed on my Motorola Droid Razr, but they have been purchased by SmugMug and renamed to just SmugMug. And now both the SmugMug app and Camera Awesome are shown as “Incompatible with your device”. Yet the description for both apps in the Google Play Store shows Droid Razr as a supported device.

    I don’t know who messed this up, but it is very disappointing. I am a Power Subscriber for years and cannot use any SmugMug app on my Razr. Even the SmugFolio apps presently installed are suddenly shown as “Incompatible” – even though they were working.

    Hopefully this can be fixed.

    Thank you.

    Jim McGowan

  13. Just installed Camera Awesome in my Nexus 5 and really liking it so far. A few remarks/requests:

    The biggest request is that you add the option to make CA the default app for the lock screen camera. If I clear the defaults for the camera app and open the camera from kitkat’s lock screen then I get the choice between Focal and the stock app. It seems Focal has added something to their code that allows them to be one of the options for the lock screen camera app. Since Focal is open source it should be possible to find out what they did.

    The second thing is an issue where Camera Awesome makes very dark pictures in low light situations compared to some other apps and the stock app.

    Lastly I would suggest an option where Camera Awesome would always default to the photo camera when you click the app icon. So don’t open the Gallery or the video camera because I most likely use the recent apps list to go back. If I click the camera icon I probably want to make a photo and don’t want to loose time.

    1. Thanks for the great feedback, rm! We’ll look into the possibility of the default camera option. We weren’t able to do this for iOS, but we will definitely update if this is something that could happen for Android.

    1. Hi Henry (and Barry)! We can’t give ETAs on new releases or details on stuff in development, but be sure that your requests have been noted. Thanks for the feedback.

  14. Not compatible with the Bionic or my Galaxy Tab. I guess this means that I don’t have to be grumpy that I pay for a Portfolio account (because I was business and the 100$ a year more was just too much) and would have to pay for this too.

  15. I used this app on my iPhone and the key feature was the separate focus and exposure so I was excited to see the Android version for my new Samsung Note3 but alas, it does not have this great feature!

    Is there a reason for this or are you working on a future update to include this? Without this feature it’s just another app.

    1. Hi Mario! We heard that you’ve contacted our team about this and we hope that everything is resolved about the two-finger control right now. For everyone else, this feature isn’t available on all devices, yet. Thanks for weighing in!

  16. Where is my 50% off discount? I bought the camera awesome app specifically to get the 50% discount. There does not seem to be a way to redeem the discount.

    1. Hi Cal, when you sign up for a SmugMug account through the app, it will automatically apply a 50% off discount. You may not see it until you end your trial and choose a subscription plan. Let our Support Heroes know if you’d like them to take a closer look!

  17. I have had this on my iPhone and an early adopter, but the most annoying thing since the upgrade is the error that I get everytime I boot the program up or I take a photo or I go to edit it. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying

  18. I just installed Camera Awesome today on my Verizon Galaxy S3. It works great, but anytime I hit the big button mode or the burst mode the application freezes and then when I reopen it or any other camera application I get an error that says that the application can’t connect to the camera, and then I have to restart my phone to take pictures again. Is there a fix for this?

    1. Hi! Camera Awesome does indeed auto-archive the original photos you take to SM if you want it to. And if you’re worried about your data bandwidth, you can set it to auto-archive only when you’re connected to a WiFi network. When you open Camera Awesome and it’s in camera view, tap the little gear icon at the top to open settings, and look under the “Backup” option. Just note that it doesn’t archive previous photos you’ve shot, only the photos you’ve taken when the option was turned on. Hope this helps! Let us know if you still have questions about this.

  19. In the middle of trying to upgrade my iOS and iphone apps, I inadvertently deleted my Camera Awesome app. I had not done a backup of my photos for about a year. Are all those photos gone forever? Are they still somewhere in my phone’s memory? Can I get them back?

  20. Is this app compatible with the S4 Galaxy Active? It works in camera mode but switching the app to video mode freezes the phone & crashes the app.

    1. Hi Gord and Mike, thanks for taking the time to drop in and tell us which phones you have. We’ll take note about these and other new models when we make updates to the app!

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