Did Someone Order a Full-Screen Homepage Slideshow?

Many of you told us that the full-screen homepage slideshow was essential to your website. We’ve got something new we think you’ll love: A full-screen slideshow for your pages and galleries!

How does it work?

We’ve added a brand-new background tab to your site customization, which means you can easily add a single image, a series of single images or a slideshow as the background of your homepage.

Additionally, Power, Portfolio and Business users can add unique backgrounds to other  pages on their site: Folders, Galleries and Pages. This background sits behind the other content blocks that you’ve added on the page, exactly the same way that a color, texture, or graphic added from the Theme tab currently does.

How do I get started?

1) Open up your Customization and look for the new “Background” tab in the Customize panel.


2) Choose where your new background will show. By default, your ‘background’ will be inherited from your entire site  but you can display something across every page on your entire site, have it live just on your homepage, or make it appear on every single Folder or gallery page.

3) Choose the background type. To add a full-screen slideshow to your homepage, open up the drop down menu to choose the Slideshow option.  Be sure the “Homepage” location is selected, too:

Note: Choosing “None” will evert your background to whatever is set in your Theme.

4) Save your new goodies by Publishing your changes. That’s it!

Can I customize those slideshow options?

Of course! You can set:

  • your images
  • playback speed
  • transition type and speed
  • a splash image to be used to entertain your viewers while the full slideshow loads

What else can I do with the new Background tab?

You’re not just limited to slideshows. Choose the “Photo” option to add an edge-to-edge photo to the background. We recommend setting it so that your visitors see a new image each time they visit your site!

To do this, create a gallery of background images, or select photos from several different galleries on your site. Opting to change the photo “every visit” gives your site a fresh new look each time your fan comes back.

Tip: Be sure that your selection of images play well with your text colors!

Is there anything I should watch out for?

These background images sit behind all of the content blocks on the pages to which that you add them. They will lie under your navigation menus, Galleries Blocks, Text Blocks, and so on. To avoid a completely cluttered experience, we recommend that you remove existing content blocks from your page if the slideshow is the focus of that page.

Is it available on MY SmugMug account?

Yes! Once again, all SmugMug users will be able to add background images or slideshows to their homepage. Power, Portfolio and Business accounts (levels that include additional customization options) will also be able to change the background content on any page on their site.

Where can I learn more about the new Background options?

If you still have questions about this feature, our brand new help page is there to help you. So are our Support Heroes!

So sit back, enjoy the (slide)show, and let us know what you think in the comments below. Don’t forget to share what you’re designing, too, as part of our ongoing Show Us Your SmugMug contest.🙂

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26 thoughts on “Did Someone Order a Full-Screen Homepage Slideshow?”

  1. Is there a way to make sure that large images in the slide show are properly sized to fit the screen? It seems most my slide show images run off the screen both vertically and horizontally, and I see no way to fit them to the screen.

    1. Hi Constantine, we purposefully don’t squish or alter the shape of your photos to fit the browser, otherwise that would result in empty borders on two sides or wacky distortion. Keep in mind that everyone’s browser is a different shape, too depending on how they sized it, so there isn’t a way to make every photo fit every browser perfectly. Your best bet is to pick photos that have the main point of interest in the center or to the right, since your home has the menu bar on the left. The idea is to get people intrigued enough to dig deeper and take a closer look. Good luck and let us know if you need our Support Heroes to help out!

    1. Hi Amy! If you had a full-screen image before, you’ll need to remove it from your theme so that it doesn’t “show” between your slideshow images. To do that simply open up your customization and click your Theme tab, then the wrench next to your active theme. From there you can remove the background graphic from your Advanced tab. Let us know if you need more help!

  2. My slideshow that was a content block won’t accept deletion. Everytime I delete it from the block itself, or from the side bar, it reappears when I refresh after publishing now.

    1. Hi Nick! Thanks for the great idea and suggestion. Right now what you can try is to create an unlisted gallery with a Smart Gallery rule to automatically pull in photos uploaded within a certain time range (including the upcoming month, for example) and then set your slideshow to display photos from that gallery. Let us know if you want to try this and need any help!

  3. I have set this up but on my monitor it doesn’t take up the whole screen like it does in your photo.(I have a 27″ monitor, could that be why?)

    1. Hi Anita! I took a look at your site and it looks like you’re still using the Slideshow Content Block, not the background slideshow option that we’re taking about here. To get there, visit your homepage and then open up your customization. You’ll see a “Background” tab in your customization box, as shown in the steps above. That tab is where you can set up your slideshow and it will go edge-to-edge. Once that’s done you can delete the Slideshow Content Block that you’re currently using.

      Please feel free to reach out to our Support Heroes if you need more help getting this done: http://help.smugmug.com/customer/portal/emails/new

  4. nice, but the pictures lost quality in the slideshow, why in the page of the example( chris burkard) the pictures look better? they have the right size. my slide it looks a little zoom in, and loose sharpennes and quality.

    1. Hi Maurice
      Can you reach out to our heroes, and let them know which images you’ve used in the slideshow and how you process your images before uploading them. (do you compress them, etc.) Our heroes can help you get the best display possible.


      1. Hi Renae and we’re glad that you’re liking it! The background slideshow is automatic and won’t show the buttons, so that your photos are all the see. However if you’d like the controls, you’ll have to use the slideshow Content Block instead.

  5. Hi this is a great idea. Im finally giving my some site some long awaited long and care as Ive been using the ‘legacy’ version for awhile now. So Ive setup a full screen slideshow but the background images are very pixelated as if they are very low resolution. They should be full res shots, I just collected my fav shots and put them into a gallery for the slideshow. Any thoughts why?

    They also size wise, are distorted. I wish you could add a feature to put borders on pics to make them fit. (IE most of my landscape size, as most monitors are, but some of my shots are portrait style, itd be nice to just have the height fit to the page and give the sides a border to make it fit.)


    Any help, great smugmuggers ?

    1. Hi, David! I took a look at your site and you’re on the right track with lots of great photos and clean homepage. From your description it sounds like the original gallery where your slideshow photos live may not have large enough display sizes enabled. So be sure to check it in your Gallery Settings and set the largest size to be 2XL or 3XL. This way they’ll look great on even huge screens.

      As for the shape and orientation of the photos, your best bet is to just pick photos that are landscape origin. Even if we did have automatic borders like you’re suggesting, it won’t look great as a slideshow anyway, since you’ll get mostly borders and very little pic! Most screens are in landscape orientation, anyway, so it’s best to go with the flow and play to that strength.

      Oh and one last thought: The font color in your navbar makes it a little hard to read on your homepage, over the gray overlay. If you need a hand adjusting that or anything else, please talk to us!


  6. Hi, thanks for the comment and taking a look!

    So my slideshow is a gallery of images I collected from other galleries. I have this slideshow gallery set at original size but it doesnt seem to help the pixelated images on the home page.

    I dont want to change the original galleries where the collected images are from to original size to prevent theft of images.

    Do I need to change the display sizes of the slideshow gallery or the root gallery where the images were collected from?

    1. Hey David! The answer to your last question is yes, although I completely understand not wanting to change the settings on the original galleries where you want them locked down. Here’s what I do: I use the really simple “Save Photo” button under each photo I want in my slideshow to download the original, then put them in a new gallery with originals enabled, called “Homepage Slideshow Photos” (so you remember what it’s for) and point your homepage slideshow to pull from there. As long as that gallery is unlisted, no one but you can find it, but your homepage will look fab.

      Good luck and again, let us know how it goes!

      1. Nice, thanks for the reply! (Love that about you guys). I followed your idea and did that and now the images look good! Thanks! Now I just gotta find images that are perfect for the slideshow- ie landscape with sort of ‘zoomed’ out subjects so they look the best in the full page slideshow.. Ive got some decent ones that demonstrate my various shooting styles and subjects I think, but I strive for perfection..

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