New! Checkout with PayPal on Print Sales

At SmugMug, we love helping ambitious photographers grow their businesses and make their hobbies into a successful way of life. From our two pro-level accounts to the advanced pricing and marketing tools designed with your clients in mind, we try every day to help you hook more sales.

Today, you’ll find that PayPal is now a checkout option in your shopping cart, so you and your biggest fans can print more and click less.

PayPal as a second payment option

That’s right! One of the web’s most popular online payment options is now available by default in the SmugMug shopping cart. So you don’t need to get up, hunt for your wallet and pull out your credit card just to place an order.

And for pros: Your customers won’t have to hunt for their credit cards, either. Making money is that much easier.

How does it work?

Once you (or your customer) add prints and products to your shopping cart and begin the checkout process, you’ll see the option to pay via PayPal in addition to the traditional credit card method. Click the new yellow button and we’ll send you over to PayPal to log in and confirm your purchase.

Finally, PayPal will send you back to your SmugMug shopping cart so you can select a shipping method and complete the sale.

Is PayPal available on my account type?

The new PayPal button will appear in the SmugMug shopping cart across all SmugMug accounts from Basic to Business, and for all fans and clients who buy prints from your site. No action needed on your part. Period.

I’m a Pro who offers Coupons. Can my clients use them when they pay with PayPal?

Yes! If you’ve created Coupons on your SmugMug site then your clients can enter it during checkout as usual. The PayPal total will reflect their discount.

Does this mean I can pay for my SmugMug subscription with PayPal, too?

Sorry, it doesn’t. But we love this idea! If this is something you’d really like to see – or if you have any other ideas or feedback –  let us know in the comments below. Or simply write an email to our Support Heroes and we’ll tally your responses for our Product Development team.

Happy printing!

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43 thoughts on “New! Checkout with PayPal on Print Sales”

    1. Hi George, even when your clients pay via PayPal in the cart, your profits get put into your SmugMug account and paid out to you the usual way, via our reporting schedule and requirements:

      Your clients are paying for their order using PayPal, but that isn’t exactly the same thing as sending you money through PayPal, if that makes any sense. Hope this helps!

  1. Paying SmugMug subscription with PayPal would be really welcomed. After creditcards expire, there will be less sites to update the card info. Also people without creditcards can join your community, PayPal offers money transfer without cards also.

    1. Unfortunately there isn’t an option to hide either the credit card or the PayPal option in the shopping cart. Sorry! Do you have any concerns for wanting to do this, apart from not wanting their logo in the cart? If so please share them and we’ll do everything we can to help.

      1. I don’t want any corporate logos on MY site. I do not use PayPal and do not want it to appear as an option, especially with a logo.

        I was promised that there would never be ads on my sire, this goes against that.

  2. sl8ofhand :
    I don’t want any corporate logos on MY site. I do not use PayPal and do not want it to appear as an option, especially with a logo.
    I was promised that there would never be ads on my sire, this goes against that.

    Then I suggest you offer no payed services to the clients on YOUR website.Every group, company and/or service has a logo. Maybe if you don’t sell you don’t have to see the paypal logo.

    1. Hi Wayne, PayPal as an option in your cart is not the same as being paid direct through PayPal. This method allows you or your customers to log in through PayPal pay for SmugMug items using the bank account you have there, similar to how you have to use a credit card to buy prints when you checkout with a credit card. The money you earn from pro sales goes into your SmugMug account just like before, not through PayPal. Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Mark, nope and no worries. PayPal is just a method for people to check out with in the cart. They’re not paying you direct through PayPal so from your end, nothing changes except that you can tell your clients that they don’t need a credit card to buy prints from your site.

  3. Why the farcical refusal to accept account payments by paypal – something Ive been asking you to implement for several years – and still it’s not done. Not everyone has a credit card and those of us who don’t still like smugmug – well not for much longer as i have no way to pay… so you’re going to loose a happy customer because you refuse to accept his money.

    1. Hi Mango, we know that you’ve been in close contact with us over the years on this specific issue, so we know this update hits pretty close to home. You’re most certainly not alone as other commenters on this post (and other voters on our Feedback forum) demonstrate, and as always our Support Heroes are happy to work with you on payment options if you don’t want to use a credit card.

      1. Can you please -for once- be OPEN about your refusal to accept PayPal? Credit cards are typical American..! You say you want tot be a smugmug family; please stop being so authorative and start being open and communative about yhis issue. Sure you are free to make the rules but an explanation does not hurt.

  4. I have waited patiently for the “Support Heroes to work with you on payment options” as you put it – but have heard nothing. I’m getting the regular reminder emails that my Power Plan renewal date is due in a couple of weeks. The emails i’ve sent to the help line have been promptly replied to but have offered no options other than a link to the existing payment methods. And I’ll face the same renewal problem when my Business plan falls due in April.I honestly fail to understand why you refuse to take Paypal payments for account payments.

  5. Received my response for smug help, we don’t take paypal only credit cards so you’ll have to close your account.

  6. Does smugmug still take a cut of my sales profit if customers are paying with paypal? My understanding is the % fee paid to smugmug from my sales are for the overhead of CC services. With paypal handling the payment, are we no longer charged a %?

  7. It would be love and I would never oh so thankful if yell could add a feature where I had a calendar where I listed days I could shoot, days I wanted off and could book shoots. I would not feel bad and look forward to my site and art. I really need this so I can secure a deposit and get more business like. Build a brand. I wouldn’t feel bad about renewing my $250.00 membership. Please make me love yall. Thank you in advance. Yall just got pay pal.

  8. PayPal has the lowest processing fee in the market. Does this lower the amount that SmugMug collects from each transaction? Does this mean we will earn more on our work now? Clearly the savings should be passed on to us, the Pro users. Correct?

  9. Here’s the fun part, if Paypal doesn’t like a transaction they put a hold on the funds for whatever time they decide. They contact the customers without permission. Can you imagine the first discrepancy? Now to solve a problem it has to go through PP who by the way doesn’t care they just take the money back, no warnings. I can’t believe PP actually does 3rd party transactions. Then it goes through Smug for more problem solving and eventually us for our side of the story. I offer unconditional money back as most of you probably do but this scenario will happen. On average Amex charges 3-4%, Visa MC 1 3/4 to 2 1/2 % to the vendor depending on vendor. We pay a lot more than that to Smug. So obviously Smug makes money on every sale which is fine I know what I’m paying for which is convenience but I don’t think a lot of people here do. I came to smug so I didn’t have to set up merchant accounts and I despise Paypal because of their God like mentality like Ebay (parent company) so I hope you know what your doing with Paypal Smug because someday there will be a lot of money missing out of that CC account because somebody got a bug up their rear so I hope your ready to do battle and not just leave us hanging. E for effort though, the PP logo does instill confidence with the consumer.

  10. Hi guys,under the old Smugmug,I had my paypal buttons there for people to buy from my site,they would leave directions as comments within the paypal system,as I am in Ireland I need to be able to print myself,I dont seem to be able to do this anymore ,any help,Dgrin does not ssem to be able to resolve it?

  11. I would also like SmugMug offering to take renewal subs from the monies that they hold pending payment to us. This seems on the face of it to be straightforward and requiring little effort.Any thoughts?

  12. I hate pay pal they take another 3% fee from my profits, that is not acceptable. it should be an option on my website that I should be able to not use it.

  13. I appreciate how updated Smugmug has become visually and it’s why I decided to return to the site. But I still have a problem with the “smugmug account” part of smugmug. Other sites like zenfolio pay out to the account holder as soon as a payment goes through. I once requested payment from Zenfolio and it was in my account within 15 minutes. With smugmug I have to wait a month for payment….most 9 to 5 jobs pay more frequently than that. I would like the paypal option to be optional and to be linked to my paypal account so that my payments come to me, not to Smugmug and then a month later to me. And of course, that’s only if I ask for it. That update would make me very happy! The rest of Smugmug is great!

  14. I agree, adding PayPal should be a choice for us Smugmuggers. It is a corporate logo. How will it work for Canadian subscribers? Will Paypal make the exchange rate in the currency?
    Please add a print lab North of the border! My Canadian friends rarely order from the States due to high shipping costs and duty taxes. I am sure you can find a lab. Its a big country!

  15. Count me in for paypal subscription payment option, as for customers utilizing the paypal payment method, for many, it is for them, the only option, or at least the most preferred option, and they will have no problem just passing you by without it. You may save a 3% fee but you will lose a customer.
    Count me in also for a QUALITY Canadian print lab, as was mentioned earlier, it’s a big country and I’m sure your percentage of Canadian customers and subscribers is growing constantly, not sure how hard it would be to find something in Canada on par with the service and quality if your existing labs, but it should be doable.

  16. Appreciate the option, but Paypal definitely is not the best option out there! As a suggestion, Amazon offers Payments, doesn’t take a cut of it and doesn’t have the same shady business practices that caused me to cancel my Paypal account last year. Their creepiness and the fact that they lord control over their customer’s money is a bad reflection on all who do business with them, unfortunately.

  17. all my photos on my website are all resized small thumbnails not originals so how can you print them to send out and you are in the usa and i am in England so its got to be your prices not mine plus shipping cost. Is there any way we as website users can be paid by paypal and send out our own orders please at our prices’

  18. Nice…. but i will not activate my shopping cart until there is a Canadian lab option, strange that SmugMug has not set this up as as it is one of the top requests for the last several years, i just don’t get it!!!!

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