13 thoughts on “Release Notes: Tweak Gallery Styles, Click and Drag Bulk Collecting, Upping the Keyword Limit and more”

  1. Great stuff! Love that we can change the size of thumbnails now. Can we also have the “Open link in new window” feature in a few more places please. For me, I want social icons to open into a new window and also some galleries (ie click on gallery link and it opens in a new window).

  2. Fantastic! I was waiting for the ability to collect photos in bulk for the beginning. I’m very happy. The others updates are great too! Thank you all!

  3. Hi🙂 as always – great update !!

    however, when I try to do this change on my gallery page it does not save it. I tried the “global” settings for all galleries and even the “just this gallery” – I can see the preview, but when I click done it does not save the changes…😦


    please advise, Ran.

    1. Thanks everyone and we’re thrilled to get such a great positive response!

      Ran, beautiful portraits! Could you shoot us a message with a link to an example gallery where you’ve made the changes and aren’t seeing it stick? It’ll be much easier to parse through our usual help channels rather than through blog comments. Thanks and we’ll get you sorted straight away: http://help.smugmug.com/customer/portal/emails/new

  4. Need Help!
    Regarding the BUY button on all styles. I’m still using the old classic style. I posted a year ago that the BUY button was confusing. I found it by accident about a month ago on the Journal style. Instead of a BUY button, I noticed the shopping cart symbol in the lower right corner of the photo. Why doesn’t SM use the BUY button like the other 3 styles, instead of the shopping cart symbol? My clients are very confused with the system.
    Not sure how this blog works. My last comment a month or so ago was not replied to by staff. Instead I keep getting new blogs. Not sure how to find that old post again.

    I have also mentioned that my keywords are not displaying my images enough at google or yahoo images, even though I followed the keyword suggestions from the SM team.
    Ex: Keywords perdidokey or perdido key used on thousands of my images. NONE show up on first page of google search. Advice needed please…..
    Thanks in advance, John

    1. Hi John and thanks for the feedback! We do implement both a button as well as the universal shopping cart icon around the site, depending on the style. We appreciate your comments about the confusion that some of your clients are having, and we’ll be sure to pass that along.

      As for getting help on here, we do the best we can but our blog is not the best place to supply detailed help when you have a problem, since the format is limited and we don’t want you posting too much personal info in a public space. If you’re having trouble our Support Heroes are the absolute best place to go. Unfortunately there’s no easy trick to getting highly ranked on search engines and it takes more than just keywording photos. The basic rule of ranking high is to be relevant, which does mean tagging your images, but people also have to “talk” about your work and post links to your site or photos in many places. So be sure that you’re sharing your photos and that people are liking them and creating buzz. Good luck and of course if you need more help, write us.

  5. I have a question. Is it possible (in a near future) to have the opportunity to choose the language of our Smugmug? I’m a french user, i love Smugmug but it would be great if i could have the translation of my site in my language.🙂

    1. Hi Anthony! As we’ve grown internationally over the last few years we get this question more and we would love to be able to offer many languages throughout your site on the Buy button, menu items, etc. It’s on the list but for now your best bet is to fill in your text and content in French to make it easier on your viewers. All sorts of foreign characters are supported, so you should be good to go there. Thanks for the suggestion!

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