Packages and 3 New Products to Buy and Sell from Loxley Colour

SmugMug Pros in the UK and beyond, we’ve just added three new gorgeous products to your Loxley catalog! We’re so excited to finally deliver some of the newer creations from one of the most highly regarded print labs in the world, and a new way to sell them to your clients.

1) Acrylic Gallery

The Acrylic Galleries feature your print mounted behind crystal clear acrylic for a razor sharp, stunning effect.

2) Single and Dual Colour Desk Frames

Perfectly portable for your home or office, this modern alternative to the traditional desk frame gives you a dark or light option to complement any decor. Additionally, your image stays durable with a protective satin heat seal.

3) Print Wraps

Loxley Colour’s Print Wraps stand proud of the wall with a uniquely padded, tactile surface that is so much more interesting than the standard print and frame. It’s lightweight and laminated for durability so you can invite your clients to touch and feel the difference.

NEW! Price and Sell Packages Through Loxley Colour

Lots of SmugMug Pros wanted to sell Packages through Loxley Colour, and now you can. Packages let you set a single price on a collection of different print products, making it easier for clients to check out. Take a look at the complete Packages help page for more info, to see the customers’ experience, and to get started.

NEW! Invoices for VAT Registered Pros

We’ve made a few changes to the way you’ll deal with VAT if you’re a VAT registered pro. We’ll begin sending you and your clients invoices, so keep an eye out for those and be sure that your account information is present and correct. We’ve sent emails about this to all pros in the EU with more details, so please refer to that if you have specific questions about collecting VAT on your SmugMug pro sales.

Will these new print products take extra time to manufacture/process?

Acrylic Prints, Print Wraps and Desk Frames take an additional 3-4 business days for manufacture and processing, so please be sure to build in enough leeway if you or your clients need their prints by a specific date. Also, don’t forget to consider shipping times, too.

How do I set my pricing again? And what are the details on getting paid the money I earn?

Remember: With a Portfolio or a Business account, you can easily set a markup over our base print prices and keep 85% of the sale. We provide step-by-step instructions on how to manage your Pricelists, as well as everything you need to do to get your profits paid to you.

I’m in the USA. Can’t you add more products from your other labs?

We’d love to! We’re always looking to update the catalog of products we offer from our labs and we’ll update this space whenever we do. Stay tuned!

Any tips for me as a pro who wants to offer these new products?

If you’re new to selling or just need some fresh ideas, here are a few of our suggestions for adding these new prints to your lineup:

  • Desk frames. You may be low on wall space, but we’re pretty sure you’ve got a desk. Because of their compact size, Desk Frames are a perfect way to brighten up even the tightest corners of any room.
  • Print Wraps. These are so unique, it’s a no-brainer opportunity to offer your customers a fun, new way to display their memories. Despite their light weight, Print Wraps are ready-to-hang without a frame so we recommend that you keep your final (pro) price consistent with other finished prints of this size.
  • Acrylic Gallery These gorgeous prints turn your photos into something truly show-worthy! They’re perfect for getting a completely upscale look for your walls. Again, if you already sell finished and framed prints to your clients, we recommend you price your Acrylic Gallery prints consistently with those.

We hope you love the new offerings through Loxley and will share your experiences with us, too.  As always, talk to our Support Heroes if you ever have any questions about buying, selling or anything you can do on SmugMug.

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7 thoughts on “Packages and 3 New Products to Buy and Sell from Loxley Colour”

  1. Gah, so jealous of the “Acrylic Gallery” prints (aka facemount). Would love to see this added in the US options but, alas, Bay Photo, doesn’t do Acyrlic facemounts. Perhaps SM could look into partnering with West Coast Imaging (WCI) to do certain kinds of prints? Just had them do one for a client and it was *stunning*!

    1. Hi Aaron, we get a lot of requests for additional labs and while we can’t make promises, we always welcome suggestions. Glad to hear that WCI worked out so well for you and your client!

  2. excellent range additions
    my question mind you is this
    when are you going to allow us to sell canvas on anything other than wrap round
    I have to set a print delay in case someone buys a canvas..
    This would allow me to ask what colour i need to add around it and re upload another image. Loxely sell canvas in various options as do everyone else
    standard wrap
    colour (black, white, brown etc)

    This is rather important and i have asked about it previously
    i would rather not have the default option on canvas be wrap the image as this destroys the ability to have tight edges on images

    1. John, I take it you’ve written to us with that suggestion? If so, it’s in our system so thank you! Right now it sounds like Proof Delay is your best bet. If we do add more print options to our Loxley catalog we will certainly announce it here first.

  3. I was just researching acrylic face mount prints today and was so happy to see this. Would consider ordering from the UK, but have a feeling the shipping would be too much.

  4. Are you able to start to offer images on the ordering system for loxley colour as I can see other companies in the US offer this and I think this will help a lot with photographer selling products such a these?

  5. Shipping to the mainland is way to expensive. It would be nice if we could use a lab on the mainland preferably in the Netherlands.

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