Release Notes: Watermark Improvements, Gallery Privacy Tweaks and In-Line Info Editing

Wondering what’s new at SmugMug? Here’s the latest on the most important and noticeable changes you’ll see around your site.

The Privacy Name Tweak

We’ve made a small change to the names of your various gallery privacy options. Instead of “Public,” “Unlisted,” and “Private,” you’ll now see the following, designed to remind you who gets to see your gallery at each setting:

  • Public
  • Unlisted (Anyone with the link)
  • Private (Only Me)

Remember: This doesn’t affect the functionality of these privacy settings, so there’s no action needed on your part. We just wanted each setting to be crystal clear to everyone in one glance.

Limit Watermarks to Larger Sizes

If you’ve ever wanted your big, beautiful photos watermarked but don’t want your gallery’s photo tiles showing it, this one’s for you! You’ll now find a new option in your custom watermarks manager that lets you set a minimum display size onto which they will be applied.

For example: Suppose your homepage displays your photos in grid format with “Medium” sized thumbnails. If you don’t want your custom watermarks showing on them, you can set the “Smallest Size” setting for your watermark for Large and up.  Clean thumbs, FTW!

Plus, the SmugMug default “Proof” watermark will now only apply to “Large” display sizes and up.

As always, changes you make to your custom watermarks don’t automatically show up across your site. So if you want to begin using this feature, be sure to re-apply watermarks to your photos in bulk. (Hint: Your site-wide organizer can help you with this.)

Add or Change Titles, Captions, and Keywords On the Fly

You can now quickly add or edit your photo details (title, caption, and keywords) in the new SmugMug while you’re browsing your galleries, all without opening a gallery menu or the site-wide organizer. Click on the little pencil icon that appears when you mouse over the area under your pics to open a quick editor. Then type in your text.

Find it here:

When clicked, you’ll see this:

This simple text editor will appear in galleries of SmugMug and Journal styles, as well as in any Lightbox in all gallery styles.

Hot tip: This also works on mobile, so you can tidy up your site without being tied to your desk.

Other fixes and improvements:

  • Maps  now allow you to use your mouse scroll to zoom in and out.
  • We’ve combined your photo map and your photo info (EXIF) panels for a single, clean info panel.
  • We’ve dramatically sped up the amount of time it takes for us to generate custom image sizes that you request.

That’s all for now. More soon!

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35 thoughts on “Release Notes: Watermark Improvements, Gallery Privacy Tweaks and In-Line Info Editing”

  1. if i allow the option “get a link” , for sharing my pic, it ‘s opened in the web navigator , without watermark and right button dissabled, this is a big problem for me!

    1. Hi Pilar, can you shoot our Support Heroes an email with a link to the image where you’ve done this and you’re not seeing the watermark? Get a Link should link to watermarked copies of your images — as long as you’ve set your watermarks to the correct size. But we’ll be happy to check your settings for you.

      However, Right Click Protection only works on photos in your own SmugMug site, and this is part of the reason why we always recommend that you use multiple methods of image protection, and don’t just rely on the one. You can embed your photos on other sites like blogs, but RCP will only work when the visitor visits your own SmugMug pages.

      Hope this helps!

  2. I would love to be able to see the passwords I’ve created for my galleries when I’m logged into my pro account…. I hadn’t written down the passwords for galleries I’d created before the changeover I as I could always access them when I was logged in. Could this be an option please? I don’t see the need for password security when I’m in my account.

    1. Hi Dave, Kim, and everyone else. We do hear from folks who think it’s a bit overkill for us to not display your own passwords to you, the owner, but we covered all of our reasons in this post when the “Heartbleed” bug came out:

      In short, we’ve stopped storing any of your passwords at all on SmugMug, so that there’s never a risk of that info being stolen in the event of a security breach. We understand that this cause a little extra trouble for you if you use a lot of gallery passwords, and I’m sorry. You can always use the password hint field to set a reminder, which is a great tool.

      Thanks for weighing in!

    1. Watermarks when as a logo or name effectively turn stolen photos into marketing material. Not the best result, but something for the effort.

    2. Give me 3 minutes and I’ll make that white X watermark disappear, once I’ve sucked the image into my compooter. I don’t think it’s an effective deterrent.

  3. I have checked that the HIDE OWNER is OFF. None of my photos are close to 801px on the longest side. Watermarks is still greyed out. I have a client waiting for her gallery right now and I can’t produce it without the watermarking!!!!

        1. I would like to know if this was a bug that was fixed or something that I should expect in the future. Work flow is always vital and this glitch was more than annoying. You guys always ROCK when there is an issue to be resolved.

      1. Hi Travis, without any further details about the gallery and hearing more about what you were doing/seeing, unfortunately we can’t know what was causing that issue or if it was a weird bug. If you see it again please contact our Support Heroes right away, thanks!

  4. so you can maximize watermarks-but I want to minimize your copyright watermark, so it can be on every image, but really small- how do I do that. Your smallest was way too large.
    and how about your giving us pros more choice of watermarks.

    1. Hi wildrose, there isn’t a way to edit the default PROOF watermark’s size or placement, but you can always create your own watermark and style it however you wish. If you’ve never done this before, we have a step by step tutorial here:

      And if you prefer, we created a gallery of sample watermarks that you can just download and use. The gallery is linked from that tutorial but here’s the direct link: (the first few are example photos showing how they will look placed on real images)

      We hope this helps, but as always if you’re shaving any trouble at all setting up watermarks or getting them to look right, please talk to our Support Heroes!

  5. Love the Captioning and Keywording features! I wish Lightroom would do something like this. Will the captions and keywords reverse sync back to Lr via the Plugin?

    1. Hi Brian! Unfortunately if you originally added the captions and keywords via SmugMug, they won’t sync back to your LR catalog, but if you did add them originally through LR they should. Hope this helps and good luck with your training!

    1. Agreed. Over the years I’ve accumulated some no longer useful quick settings. I’d like to delete these and edit others.

  6. Centimeters, centimeters, centimeter, please add the Size conversion feature like the currency one… A big share of market works in centimeters not in inches! I don’t think is so difficult…

  7. so watermark is great, however doing each existing older galleries is a pain in the…
    Smugmug, how about letting us mark all existing galleries with our watermark -all at once, just as we can do other choices all at once for multiple galleries.
    How about it???

    1. And the same on my portfolio page, even though I have landscape small images the watermark still appears on some of the images (not all)! Really quite frustrating

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