Making Watermarks Easier Than Ever for Pros

If you haven’t already heard, we recently released some new options to the way you apply watermarks to your images, but we’ve gone ahead and taken it one step further.

In the New SmugMug, you can now create, choose, edit and apply your custom watermarks all from a single location. Gone are the days of choosing your logo image from within a gallery, then tweaking it in your Account Settings.

Your New Home Base for Watermarks

You’ll still open your Account Settings to see your watermarks alongside your other pro branding tools. But now you’ll find a gorgeous, brand-new, edge-to-edge interface with a large sample photo in center, and all your watermarks in a column down the right-hand side:

Click any of your watermark previews to try it on for size. Or click the “+ Create” button at top to select a new graphic (that you’ve already designed and uploaded) for use as a fresh new watermark.

There’s even a handy button at the bottom to change the sample image to something brighter, darker, or vertical. This is a great way to get an idea of how the orientation or brightness of a photo will affect how your watermark looks.


And as always, you can hit the universal wrench or trash icons under each of your existing watermarks to edit and delete them, respectively.

Check out our updated help pages to get the complete details about watermarks and how they work. You’ll also notice that we’ve changed the way you edit Printmarks in exactly the same way, since Watermarks and Printmarks are very similar features.

Watermarks, in a nutshell

New to Watermarks? Here are a few important things to know:

  • New custom watermarks default to size Large and up. You can specify a different minimum size in the settings.
  • Watermarks are nondestructive, so your prints won’t include them.
  • Watermarks will need to be re-applied to your photos to display any changes you make.
  • You can have as many different watermarks on your site as you wish.
  • Watermarks are available on Portfolio and Business accounts only.

About SmugMug’s Printmarks

And if you’ve never used our Printmarks feature and are intrigued to try it, here’s a quick rundown of what they are:

  • Printmarks are like watermarks for the physical prints you sell.
  • Although we recommend you use large graphics to ensure your Printmarks print well, they are limited to covering a small fixed percentage of the print area.
  • Printmarks are great for applying your artist signature, a team logo, or a wedding date to your prints.
  • If you change your mind, Printmarks can be removed during Proof Delay.
  • The Printmarks feature is also available on Portfolio and Business accounts only.

So if you were looking for an excuse to freshen up your Watermarks and Printmarks, now’s the time! We hope that these changes make it more enjoyable and easier to manage the nuts and bolts of your photography business.

Let us know what you think! And, as always, stay tuned because there’s always more good stuff coming down the pipes from Smuggy HQ.

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9 thoughts on “Making Watermarks Easier Than Ever for Pros”

  1. can many and/or all galleries be watermarked at one time now?
    This is so time-consuming for individual galleries( older). Please give us this option-just as you let us change most choices in Gallery Settings for all galleries at one time, if we so wish.

    1. Hi Wildrose and again we really appreciate this feedback. Unfortunately that ability hasn’t been added since our last post about watermarking, but it’s on our radar. Thanks!

  2. hallo, i enjoy the new WM interface but several features are still missing in your watermark processing.
    First you stretch/collapse watermark and there is no checkbox to chose fix size like photoshop or lightroom. so i need to consider a watermark 1200x120px 60pt in photoshop to try to cover all the landscape sizes from large to X2L, not too small and not too big.
    Second, portrait images using this unique 1200x120px wm have a very tiny watermark for two reasons : small side of portrait format is so small (ie:400px) that 1200px watermark is shrinked a lot and also if you take a school ruler on your display and measure a large landscape and a large portrait, portrait large is smaller than a large landscape on the display (we would expect large means 800px for long side whatever the orientantion) so, for a given large format, watermarks are very small.
    two solutions :
    – you add a checkbox for allowing fix size WM
    – we make two watermarks, one for portrait and one for landscape and your soft is clever enough to recognize a portrait and use the right wm.
    doing this manually image per image is tedious today but another missing feature in smugmug : better use of thumbnail view in galery organize. if we had a zoom tool in galery organize to better view images (preview) and could select several thumbs, right clic and apply a WM for portrait it would be very nice instead of using full screen view and wrench icon, it would solve all problems mentioned above

    best regards

    1. Hi labro, thanks for taking the time to share all of this! We have gotten feedback in the past about how watermarking landscape oriented photos is a bit different than portrait oriented ones, and right now if you want the same sized watermark you’re best off creating a square-shaped file that goes in the corner, for example. But we’ve taken note of your request as I’m certain you’re not alone in wanting a fixed, smart way of making sure your watermarks look even across all your photos. Thanks!

      1. thanks it was an opportunity to share my opinion with other smugmug users about the possibility to create two WM, one for portrait and one for landscape. by default use the landscape 1200×120 png one but in organizer, ctrl clic on all portrait thumbs and right clic change wm to the wm optimized for portrait. easy to develop. As always asked, please make most of functions in organizer where we can play with thumbs (zoom, previex, check filesize, change wm,…)


    1. Hi Peter, your best bet is to open up the gallery in your Organizer, then click the wrench icon at the top. From there you can open up your bulk Watermarking tool where you can remove the watermark that’s currently applied. Or if you have a custom one you’d want to use instead of the default PROOF, to just choose that one from the list and apply them. Hope this helps but please let our Support Heroes know if you get stuck.

  3. Ok Toni MacAskill you need to escalate this to somebody with a better attitude. I did contact your customer help about giving coupons and they said I was doing it the right way. They said it would cost me a penny a download. The customer has a $3500 coupon. He downloads almost all Hi Res images at $99 each. So don’t dare tell me this is on me and I have to figure it out. At worst this is a mistake. Clearly this was a coupon for free downloads otherwise I would have made the cost of the images a penny. So keep talking to me like that and whoever is in charge will know your the reason we left Smug. So change your attitude and realize that this is an accounting mistake, yours mine what’s the difference it’s a MISTAKE. So go ahead give me attitude and talk to me like I’m stupid after I asked your customer support if I was doing this right. I don’t even know why I’m shocked, I paid for this service when I was loosing money but I was learning and now I just get this project up and running and I get this lip? I have all my images so do what you got to do. I could have easily done this on Squarespace where my blog is but I stuck with you guys when I was not making money and your customers were jumping ship because of exorbitant price increases. I’m sending this to everybody I have listed as a Smug contact. And by the way how is this costing you money, credit card fees from the customer? NO, The bandwidth used on the downloads? NO, Even so I was told you charge a penny. So how is this costing you money? I have a non profit customer setup on my site “Project Roger” I set it up at free downloads as I was told by your customer support to do it in that situation because I can’t issue a coupon to people I don’t even know. Is that costing you money? try again you may be able to talk to me about software like I’m stupid but you’re not going to talk to about fees and tell me this is costing you money like I’m stupid. I come from the financial world so good luck trying that BS on me. You should be ashamed of yourself talking to people like this, Jim Martin

    1. Hi Jim
      I’ve been able to find your support ticket about this, and see that our hero Ana is helping resolve this. We do apologize for the inconvenience and trouble that this misunderstanding has caused.
      For specific support questions like this we do prefer to use our help desk, so we can easily look at your account information and find all of the details. We look forward to continuing to help you out there.

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