4 thoughts on “Is SmugMug Safe from Data Leaks?”

  1. When will my photos be protected with 2-factor authentication? I’ve been using it for months (and in some cases years) on other sites. How many data breaches will we have to endure before it rises enough on the priority list to get this done? It seems like we hear about in the news daily. I don’t care about any new site enhancements or features until my privacy and pictures are protected. When will this be done?

    1. Hi there, we know it’s been a while since this post went out and we totally understand how MFA would help you sleep better at night. It’s on our road map although we can’t give ETAs on when new features can be launched, I’m sorry to say. Still, it always means so much to us that you let us know which features you’re waiting for the most.

      If you haven’t already, would you cast your vote for it on our official feedback forum? This helps us sort through feature requests:


      Thank you so much!

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