The All-New, In-SmugMug Photo Editor

If you’ve used our photo editing tools since we launched the New SmugMug you’ve probably noticed that our new look didn’t stretch beyond the surface. Many of our owner-only features still displayed the old legacy look and feel.

We’ve been working on it! So today, in addition to giving your photo tools a makeover, we’ve gone one step further and combined a few of the best owner-only features into one easy-to-use screen.

What Does It Do?

Our new Photo Editor lets you edit photos (and videos) that you’ve already uploaded into your galleries:

Where To Find It

You’ll find your new photo editor under any single uploaded photo or video, right in your gallery. You’ll see “Open in Editor” as the first option under the wrench icon.

Or, edit multiple photos at once: Open up your site-wide Organizer and select the photos you want to tweak in the preview pane on the right. Then click the wrench icon. Any of the photo editing options you’ll see there will automatically take you to the new Photo Editor. Presto!

“What About Video Files?”

You’ll still be able to open the Photo Editor for your video files to edit your Titles, Captions, Keywords, as well as geographical info.

However, the other options you’ll usually see for photos aren’t available for videos.

About Your Originals…

Since keeping your original files archived is (and always has been) super important to us, we’ll display a confirmation window any time changes you’re making here will affect your originals, such as cropping and the application of color effects.

Tip: If you’re unsure, we always suggest that you make a copy of the image first, then work on that. You can always delete it if you change your mind.

“Is It Available On My Account?”

Yes! All accounts from Basic to Business get this feature, with the exception of the Watermarking tools, which are only available at the Portfolio and Business levels.

You can read all the nitty-gritty details about the Photo Editor in our updated help pages.

Enjoy quicker, easier editing for everything you shoot!

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44 thoughts on “The All-New, In-SmugMug Photo Editor”

  1. Great news, that we can do more stuff online🙂 But I’m still waiting for customization of licencing of my images:/ please give it a little bit more priority, it is small change with big impact. Thank you

  2. That’s cute, but I still can’t delete, modify or read the complete names of Quick Settings. How about fixing that???

    1. Hi JPC, you can indeed delete your Quick Settings, but if the name of your QS is very long, we do truncate it to fit in the Gallery Settings interface. Just select the QS in the drop-down list, then a little trash can icon will appear which you can click to delete it.

      A workaround for modifying: Try is creating a new QS using those same settings and giving it a shorter name, then delete the old one.

      Thanks for the feedback and being able to quickly modify existing Quick Settings is on our radar!

      1. I had given up on Quick Settings because it was so frustrating. It looks like you have indeed added the ability to delete them and have doubled the width of the name field. It used to only allow 7 characters. This is MUCH more functional. There’s still room for improvement, but this is better. Thanks.

  3. An assistant can add keywords etc… but can’t see them after saving them. I have to log in to the main account in order to see the keywords applied to photos. This messes with my Smart Rules process. I have my assistant tagging a childs name as a keyword. A Smart Rule recognizes the name, and moves the photo into the child’s personal gallery. If the assistant tags/keywords the wrong name to a photo – they can’t remove the keyword.

    1. Hi James, that sure doesn’t sound right. We’ll investigate why assistants can’t see or modify the keywords they’re adding. Thanks for flagging!

  4. since the launch of New Smugmug I could view and edit my Captions and Keywords for a gallery easily – the tool was EXCELLENT. Today I went to use it and fond it has been replaced. The replacement is clumsy and a retrograde step as far my usage of SM is concerned. Please give me the option of using the old tool.

    1. Hi Colin, we’re sorry to hear that this throws a wrench into your workflow, as that was certainly not our intent. I’m assuming that you’ve tried the bulk keyword feature that we now offer (available from within your site-wide organizer)? We’d actually love to hear more detail about what it is that worked so well for you in the old interface, and maybe we can get some insight as to how to make this feature even better. Could you email us? We appreciate it!

  5. I don’t understand why the new Photo Editor allows bulk-editing of image captions but not image titles, despite all the discussion of the need for this. And it can be included in the new Photo Editor design so easily.

    1. Come Smugmug..switch it back on..cant be that hard..I have pics to name but nothings happening

    1. Hmmmm, Ross, that looks like a bug to me. I want the same as you, bulk titles, so I will definitely look into this.

      1. That’s what I thought. However when I reported it to the help desk (after several times on Dgrin to no avail) I was told the Photo Editor ‘appeared’ to have been designed that way. Now, to deal with thumbnail ‘Sophie Syndrome’!

      2. That’s what I thought – it seemed so obvious to me. But when I reported it to the help desk (after canvassing Dgrin several times to no avail) I was told the new Photo Editor ‘appeared’ to have been designed that way!

      3. By way of example, the Dgrin thread at which included input from Michael Bonocore and Denise Goldberg, among others, was discussing this problem as far back as August. Michael even submitted it to the voting system as a potential ‘feature’! Unfortunately it didn’t look like a ‘bug’ to him way back then. With this history, it’s all the more bewildering how it never got delivered in the new Photo Editor, but it’s great to know that good things do eventually come to those who wait!

  6. I agree with Colin. I have spoken with SmugMug about this. They say they are working it out. I do NOT like the change in the Keywords and Captions. It was easier they old style. Please bring it back! It’s dumb. Photos can already be named in the file, that bulk captioning would replace those named files. The Keywords and Captions are separate, please combine them.

    1. Totally agree with never ceases to amaze me why the experts have to constantly mess with things that work perfectly fine..SmugMug..I still aint forgiven you for making me switch to this techy mess I have now,but I have to live with that.All I want is my old way of filling in captions..the drop down box style..dont need editing tools,just simplicity.

  7. Please bring back the old editing screen that allowed us to see & edit ALL the photos at once! Being able to see what the captions are for my entire set was a huge help & that’s no longer possible.

    1. Fully agree. The multi-thumbnail multi-caption interface that used to allow for an entire gallery to be captioned with different captions for each photo was EXCELLENT. I cannot believe that its gone😦

  8. I’m really baffled trying to figure out how this is a positive change, as it applies to keywords. I’m finding it very frustrating. The single screen to enter keywords for many photos was really useful; this is a huge pain and has resulted in a lot more work for me.

  9. when I used to add captions for a new album,I used click Organize,then simply click the spanner/wrench icon and voila,a drop down box appeared showing options..this no longer works as the spanner/wrench icon is greyed out so to speak,making selection impossible unless I select each/all photo thumbnails…then a different box opens and thats where the nonsense begins..Stu dont do nonsense,so please re-instate the spanner/wrench use please.

    1. Hi there Stuart, Kelly, and everyone else who weighed in. We appreciate you taking the time to tell us how this changes your workflow and we’ll investigate ways to improve this and make editing bulk details easier on everyone. Thanks for keeping us on our toes!

  10. PLEASE hurry and give us back the excellent legacy tool we had to mass change Captions and Keywords. The new one does not even work properly to change Captions and titles on an individual basis. I am accumulating a large workload for when you give us back the old tool. This is not rocket science, please give this PRIORITY. I do not just want the new one tool fixed, I want the legacy tool back please. I am getting increasingly frustrated by the lack of positive feedback on this matter, and the extra workload this is causing me, which many Smugmuggers have commented on. Please UNMUG us NOW. Thank you.

  11. I have learned, unless I am missing something, that new KEYWORDS can only be added if they show up in the “SUGGESTED: window, otherwise, you cannot add or define new KEYWORDS.

    1. Hi Thomas, you can definitely add your own keywords at any time. You don’t have to use just the ones in the suggested box! Just start typing them in.

    1. Hi Stuart,

      Yes, we’ll be adding back the old batch edit tool shortly, we’re just freshening it up the look and adding title editing to it before releasing it back into the wild. Sorry for the period of time it’s been offline.


      1. Can you confirm that the “old batch edit” tool means that we can add/edit captions differentially for a whole gallery worth of thumbnails? Thanks much. ETA would be appreciated but look forward to it nonetheless, whenever it lands.

  12. You are bringing back the legacy batch edit tool? Thank you, thank you, thank you. This news just made my day, possibly even my month. Considering how many images I need to keyword within a gallery, sometimes 60+ different names per gallery on a slew of various images, the “old” method worked where all the photos loaded and I could data enter it all in one fell swoop worked well for my needs. Thank you for listening to your customers.

  13. Agree – the new batch editing where I have to select pics to add captions instead of the old tool that allowed me to edit every caption in the gallery without leaving the page was soooooo much easier. Please restore, this new workflow is cumbersome and time consuming!!

    1. Still waiting for the change back..been 3 weeks now so whats the problem changing it back?Who is in charge,man or machine?I have uploaded several albums but no captions until the old way is reverted.

      1. Yes, I am still waiting for some action from the Heroes! We are not asking for something new, just the old style editing, you can do something fancy later. Please give your clients what they have politely requested….

  14. I do agree about the batch editing picture what is instead of the old tool. This tools using is so much easy. Could you please give me the new work-flow what is cumbersome and consuming.

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