Photo Tip: 5 Reasons Why We Fell in Love with Lightroom

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about our love for one of the best photo tools on the market, Lightroom. We’re going to share some of our favorite things about it that knocks our socks off and why we hope you’ll give it a try, too. Plus, if you’re just scared about diving into the Adobe pool, we’re giving away 4 (signed!) copies of Scott Kelby’s fantastic instructional book, The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Book for Digital Photographers, at the end of this post.

So keep reading to see how you can win yours!

Now, here are our top 5 reasons why Lightroom’s awesome.

1) Keywording Is a Breeze

Keywords are a small, but important part of getting your photos properly searchable. Whether you’ll be looking through your own galleries or hoping to cash in on sales sparked by Google, keywording is how you get there.

While SmugMug has great bulk keyword and caption tools, adding them during your Lightroom workflow is a step saver and has the added benefit of adding the keywords to the photo’s metadata.

You can enter keywords using the Library module, and even apply them to batches of photos all at once. The best part? Lightroom will automatically suggest keywords you’ve used before when you start typing.

And yes, these keywords and captions will transfer over to SmugMug when you publish.

2) No JPGs Required

Unless you’re new to SmugMug, you probably already know that we’ve got a free Publish to SmugMug plugin available in Lightroom. (You can download it here.)The fact that it doesn’t cost a cent is pretty great, but even better is that you can easily Publish your photos to new or existing galleries on your SmugMug account, all without needing to create — or store — a separate JPG file on your computer’s hard drive.

Try the easy, one-click syncing between your Lightroom catalog and your SmugMug folder structure. We’ll worry about your JPG storage so you don’t have to.

3) Everything’s Better in Bulk

The greatest power of Lightroom is how easily it lets you do sweeping changes to swaths of photos at once. Presets, flags, and anything you can think of — you can add them with just a few clicks and get your event photos out the door and into your clients’ inboxes in no time.

Check out this post that Adobe educator Matt Kloskowski did for us to help sift through your massive photo piles with ease.

4) Easy-to-Replace Proofs

Pro photographers, this one’s for you: When your client orders prints from your SmugMug galleries and you’ve set up Proof Delay, did you know that you can use Lightroom to quickly polish, edit, and republish only those photos back to your SmugMug galleries before sending the order to the lab?

We think this is the biggest lifesaver for any photographer who knows their clients will buy only a few photos out of thousands. Rather than editing every single photo from the shoot, simply upload your proofs and let them make their choice.

Tip: Take it a step further with Events & Favorites. Lightroom will sync their Favorites galleries and pull their choices back into your catalog, making it even easier for you to edit (and republish) just the ones they love best.

5) It’s Always Improving

Adobe’s always making their products more powerful and better for you, and we are, too. Both Lightroom and the SmugMug plugin check automatically for updates, and you’ll notice this when you open up the program and see that window.

What we’ve added recently: The ability to choose your gallery’s Featured Photo via the plugin, and the ability to create/edit/delete Quick Settings, Watermarks, and Printmarks. And lots more.

You can always check to see the updates we’ve made to the plugin on the dedicated page in our help pages.

The Book Giveaway

As promised, we’ve got 4 signed copies of Scott Kelby’s best-selling Lightroom 5 bible to give away, The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Book for Digital Photographers:

This comprehensive book covers everything from basic sliders to Scott’s own workflow, and is the #1 Lightroom book on the market (with good reason). So if you’re ready to get this into your hands and begin your journey to becoming a Lightroom wizard, simply leave a comment below and include these two responses:

1) What are the biggest stumbling blocks in your photo editing workflow?

2) A link to your SmugMug website (so we know how to reach you if you win)

We’ll choose 4 lucky random winners on Wednesday, June 11th, 2014, and announce them right here.

Stay tuned, good luck, and watch this space!

UPDATE 6/11/2014: Winners! We randomly picked 4 winners who commented here and here’s who we drew:

We’ll be in touch with you individually to deliver your books. Congrats!

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113 thoughts on “Photo Tip: 5 Reasons Why We Fell in Love with Lightroom”

  1. My biggest post-work challenge is properly scheduling time to go through my event photos. I often take jobs on top of the post work time for other jobs and find myself skipping sleeping because my deliveries risk being late. Lightroom is a tool I can not imagine being without. It’s awesome for event photography work. I also use Photo Mechanic to do the first “yes/no” pass through an event’s images because of how much time it saves me. Nothing is faster.

  2. The biggest stumbling block in my photo editing workflow is what I call the “pruning” process, where I try to view and compare multiple shots at the same time in order to pick the best one. As well as evaluating the overall image, as part of this process I also to review the quality of the focus and the image’s shooting information (aperture and shutter speed). I haven’t found an easy way to handle all of this yet!

  3. Biggest stumbling block is the time to upload the photos. More a bandwidth issue then anything. I’d love to see LR to have flags and rating scales appear somewhere in the develop view. I have to switch from grid to develop view to view these details, so perhaps it’s just my knowledge deficit.

  4. I use Lr and smug plugin all the time…..I love how these two work together….in fact smug plugin is so much a part of my workflow that I actually do not have any problems with workflow anymore. I have developed a brilliant system with LR and smug. xo🙂

  5. The biggest issue for me is to actually take the time to properly keyword everything on import. I’m either in a hurry to import it so I have it backed up, or edit something so I can print some proofs. Would love to check out S.Kelby’s latest book to start “developing” some better habits in my workflow…

  6. I love Lightroom and I try to learn something new every day. My biggest stumbling block with the program is my lack of knowledge. It is a very powerful tool and my favourite part is the tagging and the ability to keep the original file once you have messed up your edit…..

  7. Biggest stumbling block is remembering to name the shoot in Lightroom import! Always endup with Untitled-3043-edit.jpgs as final products. is my SmugMug site!

  8. Updated my smugmug plugin today. My stumbling block in my workflow is being trigger happy and focused only on HDR. LR catalogs my work and allows me to only upload great pics to my site.

  9. The thing that most gets in my way when I am cataloging new photos is the lack of any keyboard shortcuts to Title/Caption and Keywords. It would be most helpful if there were a way to jump into metadata, specifically the Title Caption section, from any of the modules.

  10. The two biggest stumbling block I encounter of post processing are: 1. time to work on the photos 2. Graphic card limitations to run some of the editing programs after I make adjustments in lightroom. I have used lightroom for several years and love it.
    With I’ve 20,000 photos on my system I appreciate the spring and rapid location abilities.

  11. My biggest stumbling block probably takes place when trying to determine what “feel” I’d like for photos to have. As I don’t really have a particular style, and try to convey a feeling in my photos, it can be difficult to stick to a single style.
    I often find myself uploading multiple versions of the same shot, due to my indecisevness.

  12. Keeping it all separated. Family stuff, work stuff, school stuff plus some that overlaps. Plus I’m waaayyy behind on keyword entry

  13. I’m fairly new to Lightroom, so am currently stumbling around trying to figure out where things are and how they work. A book would be extremely useful.

  14. Love and live in Lightroom. Ability to quickly rate and color tag makes managing files easier and I’m using collections more and more. The new / options on adjustment brushes give me so much more flexibility and enable me to stay in lightroom. The biggest issue I have with LR is adding text overlays to sports images. If I use LR, I am limited to a single line of text and I have to “print” the image to a file and re-import, which means 2 copies of the image and no easy way to edit it later. Alternatively I have to go to photoshop to do it – I do get multiple lines and can edit it later but it seems way overkill.

  15. 1) What are the biggest stumbling blocks in your photo editing workflow?
    Time management, making time to sort and edit photos, and getting bogged down in choosing which one or two is the better picture to edit. Hard to delete photos except when they are obviously not in focus or other error.
    2) A link to your SmugMug website (so we know how to reach you if you win)
    see below

  16. My biggest stumbling block is trying to decide if I should start using my Smugmug subscription (after paying for 3 yrs but hardly using it at all!) or to become familiar with Lightroom first.

  17. 1) What are the biggest stumbling blocks in your photo editing workflow?
    My biggest stumbling block is figuring out how to backup my RAW files. I use SmugMug for all of my jpegs and went as far as creating a vault through Amazon, but can’t for the life of me figure out if it’s possible to backup both RAW and jpegs via Lightroom.

    2) A link to your SmugMug website (so we know how to reach you if you win)

  18. I’m a fairly recent convert to Lightroom and I think it’s fantastic. The the biggest stumbling blocks in my photo editing workflow is probably lack of knowledge of what Lightroom is truly capable of. Love the SmugMug plugin, it saves so much time!

  19. Can I use LR to build smug sites?

    1) What are the biggest stumbling blocks in your photo editing workflow?

    2) A link to your SmugMug website (so we know how to reach you if you win

    Kindest Sincere Regards


  20. My biggest stumbling blocks are time and knowledge. Time to sit down to edit photos efficiently and knowledge because even though I’ve been using Lightroom since version 2, there’s still a lot I don’t know about.

    My Smugmug site is

  21. I’ve used Lightroom since version 1 and I love it. I can do 90% of my work in LR rather than Photoshop now.

    1.) However, I’ve run into a problem since updating to 5.4. I’m changing some keywording hierarchy and when I attempt to search, view and change keywords LR seems to go into an infinite loop flashing between an LR screen and a blank screen. This seems to be related to bezel.exe. I’ve wasted 20 or more hours redoing keywords and am nowhere near finished. Sometimes LR comes back and I continue working. At other times I’ve left it run overnight and it’s still frozen. Google searches have much on the problem but I haven’t found any answers there or in the LR forum.

    2.) Here’s the link to my SmugMug website.

    1. I find the sharpness is different also. If I’m printing an image for a client, I always bring into Photoshop to size it properly & add extra print sharpness – I completely agree with your comment!

  22. I’ve used Lightroom for several years now and love it. My biggest stumbling block is just finding the time to use all of its many features. Still so much to learn.

  23. 1) What are the biggest stumbling blocks in your photo editing workflow?

    Leaving files behind, unedited and unposted. It’s easy to take the photos, the “fun” part but then I allow myself to build files of photos but too often don’t get around to editing and posting.

    2) A link to your SmugMug website (so we know how to reach you if you win)

  24. I love Lightroom and the Smugmug plugin. I could not imagine processing and sharing family photos without either of these resources. My biggest obstacle is keeping my collections Lightroom and my Smugmug galleries in sync. I try to create smart galleries in my Smugmug plugin, and these smart galleries are linked to Lightroom collections with the same names . But sometimes the smart galleries in the Smugmug plugin pull photos from other Lightroom collections because of words that are used in multiple collections. I know I could just use the Smugmug plugin to build collections, but I like to have collections in the Lightroom collections area and in the Smugmug plugin, and it would be great it was easier to sync these.

    My website is

    1. G’day Jerry,
      I’m the plugin developer. The functionality you are describing is generic LR plugin behaviour that I can’t change. However, I might suggest a different way…instead of creating both a “Smart Collection” and a “Smart Published Collection” (ie. Smart Collection within the SM plugin). Why not just create the “Smart Published Collection” to start with, that way it will have all the rules that you specified and would won’t be duplicating work, etc.



  25. 1) I spend too much time on trying to get the white balance correct. Sometimes I’ll use a gray card, but even then I still have trouble getting it to look right. Another thing would be when I export all the photos I edited I have to scroll through and hold down control and click and scroll through to highlight all the edited ones in order to export only the edited ones. There’s probably a better way to so this that I don’t know of!

  26. I do about 95% of my photo editing in Lightroom 5 and feel very well at home with it. My biggest stumbling block is keywording. I find the hierarchy that Bridge allows is so much easier and faster and I have not found a way to do it as well in Lightroom. Thus I import/convert to DNG in Lightroom, then jump to bridge to add my copyright template and then keywords. Then I return to Lightroom and read back in the changed metadata and hope I didn’t tinker with a photo in between.

    Website is

  27. My biggest stumbling block was film. That’s right – I only recently made the move from film to digital, so currently I don’t have a workflow at all. I bought a superzoom camera as a stopgap because I won’t settle for less than a full-frame DSLR but I have two in college and I don’t have two – three grand at the moment. I’m planning to have my workflow perfected by the time I can afford my dream camera.

  28. Thanks for sharing this information. I love Lightroom and it’s my primary tool for developing my photos.
    My biggest stumbling block before Lightroom was organizing/keywording, geo-locate photos, developing and publishing.
    Now, I’m happy to have Lightroom and Smugmug for developing and sharing my photography blog.
    My portfolio is at

  29. Nice article, I agree. I love Lightroom and it’s my primary tool for developing my photos.
    My biggest stumbling block before Lightroom was organizing/keywording, geo-locate photos, developing and publishing.
    Now, I’m happy to have Lightroom and Smugmug for developing and sharing my photography blog.
    My portfolio is at

  30. My biggest stumbling block was sorting out the thousands images over many years in my archives. So I recently converted to Lightroom after using Adobe bridge and what a revelation. No more switching between bridge and photoshop, Lightroom does 90% of all your post production and cataloging needs in one place.To be honest the program is so powerful i`m struggling to get around all it`s features i keep finding new ones every day.
    Even so i find it rewarding that after a long days event photography i can get the images done and dusted and relax with a cup of coffee much earlier in the evening.
    Thank You Adobe.

  31. Have been in love with Lightroom since I discovered it in its version 2. As many have mentioned here, culling a shoot down to a manageable selection of images can be daunting, and Lightroom is such a pleasant work environment – it can be incredibly tempting to start editing individual shots to see what they could grow into – that I do my initial sorting and selecting in Bridge instead. So one of my stumbling blocks has been, since day one, working with the Lightroom catalog since I sort and name my files and folders outside of it.

    Also a stumbling block and time hog, even though Lightroom is a perfectly self-contained editing solution, I always export my RAW files to TIFF’s and then switch to Photoshop to save as various size JPEG’s for Smugmug, blog, main galleries, etc. as this allows preset resizing actions with much better control on sharpening.

  32. I am new to both Smugmug and Lightroom, but don’t know how I lived without both! I find editing people’s faces the biggest stumbling block in lightroom since I have to switch back to photoshop to brighten eyes/get rid of blemishes and such. I’m sure there is a lot to learn about Lightroom though.

  33. My biggest stumbling block is culling through my session selections & choosing the best images! I have a difficult time choosing the BEST image, and instead offer too many images to clients. Need to read up more on other user’s workflow to see the best method of culling. I do absolutely love EDIT IN Photoshop option that creates a separate edited TIFF right into the LR catalogue – life saver!

  34. My biggest challenge is organization, keywords( which words to use), creating and using presets. I have been trying to do my editing in lightroom more and use Photoshop for those difficult images that I just can’t get with LR5.

  35. The biggest stumbling block for me is masking and spot editing. I do landscapes and macro photography and need to be more accurate when “fixing” details. I also need to get better at batch editing and uploading. My smugmug site is

  36. 1) What are the biggest stumbling blocks in your photo editing workflow?
    Time. I usually have a LOT of photos to develop and I find myself getting frustrated with the amount of time it takes to edit them to just right status.

    2) A link to your SmugMug website (so we know how to reach you if you win)
    I do not have a SmugMug website, but I have a facebook account linked to this post and my email address is located on that.


  37. My biggest stumbling block is editing tags, dates, comments, and title metadata in my photo files. I want that data to go with the photo file should I send or copy the file somewhere.

    I have been trying to switch to Windows 8.1 but they grossly messed up the File Explorer in Windows 8, pretty much destroying the nice Windows 7 Tag editing features.

    I have researched Lightroom but don’t use it. The Keywording feature may be the biggest attraction to me but the way Lightroom works does not suit me.

    I sometimes shoot RAW for the obvious benefits. But most of the time I shoot .jpg. I am quite happy to make edits to my original file, then save the edits over the top of the file. I realize the benefits of saving the original but it’s just not an important feature for me. I just don’t find myself going back to make tweaks once I’ve made a pass through all of my photos and edited them once. On the other hand the simplicity of having a single file, with all of the edits and metadata in that file, overwhelm the benefits of saving the original and in a separate file the edits to that photo.

    Lightroom saves the changes to a file and keeps the original. The big disadvantage of that method to me is if I want to send files, post them online, upload them to smugmug, etc. I have to go through an additional export process or else what will be uploaded is the original unedited file.

    For years I used Photoshop Elements but that has the feature of constantly switching between the organizer and the editor, requiring extra steps each photo to click on popups. Also I once lost the “library” or whatever it’s called and had to re-tag thousands of photos. Never again.

    I do all of my meta data work using Windows 7 Windows Explore.

    For the past three years I do all of my photo editing using ACDSee Pro 6, which by the way has a Develop or Edit choice. Develop keeps the original like Lightroom, and Edit works the way I like to work.

  38. My biggest stumbling block is printing: matching the display with the print and scaling the print size to the paper size. For example I was trying to print a borderless 11×14 on 13×19 metallic paper. I really wanted to print borderless so I would only have to cut two sides and not all four but I ended up with borders.

    My second is knowing when I’ve applied the right amount of adjustments in the Develop module without going too far.

    I can be found on Smugmug at:

  39. My biggest stumbling blocks are 1: choosing the images, I took way too many shot, I am afraid of not getting “the shot”, and since it is digital, who cares? Well, me! when I have to select my favs, and 2: cropping, never sure it its too much or too little….

  40. My biggest stumbling block at the moment is that the smugmug plugin for Lightroom doesn’t really understand virtual galleries (i.e. based on keywords or simple collected images) at smugmug. This makes it so that I can’t simply sync my entire hierarchy as I’d get multiple links to the same images. Worse, you could accidentally connect two different virtual copies to the same smugmug images. This could be bad.

    My website:

  41. I love Lightroom but my biggest stumbling block to my workflow is doing things in a certain order in the Develop module. I tend to be all over the place, doing one thing first on one photo, and something else first on another photo. I need to create an ordered list that makes sense.

    I can be found at

  42. My biggest stumbling blocks in my current workflow is organisation – renaming and keywording – somethings I’m sure would be better in Lightroom.

    I celebrate my family (and one day hopefully my improved photography skills!) at

  43. Being relatively new to photo editing, the main bottleneck for me is the time it takes to learn how to do so efficiently, i.e., quickly. It’s a learning curve with the software (not Lightroom) I am using, and moving to a more sophisticated editing tool seems even more daunting.

    My work is posted at

  44. 1) My biggest stumbling block is my fear of deleting any photos I take, even if years after the fact I haven’t developed it. It makes editing very sluggish for me to pass over all these images, but since every now and then I go back through past photos and find something amazing, I never want to get rid of something I’ll regret I did.



  45. I have used previous versions of Lightroom and recently got the Photoshop/Lightroom Subscription, very pleased with all the updates and am looking forward to learning more about the latest versions! Love that there is a plugin for SmugMug and am going to get that set up soon! Looking forward to publishing/processing new work soon!

  46. Right now my biggest photo processing problem is time. Light room cuts down the time to process a large number (say 800 – 1,000) of photos, but does not eliminate the need to examine all the photos. Of course, part of this is my fault. Many a time I take too many pictures, which means that I am not thinking before photographing. I also do not, and probably will not, use the “easy-to-replace proofs” feature. I post “final” proofs on my web site, and would not want to post un-edited photos.This may change if and when I make photography more of my work rather than the hobby that it is now.

    My SmugMug account is

  47. The biggest stumbling block is the big amount of photographs to be treated, to make the selection and to add complete keywords, captions and titles to them. But it pays later!

  48. I have tried Lightroom several times but as a longtime Aperture user I find switching is very hard because so much work simply is lost when migrating my library from there to Lightroom. And because I would have to do it manually, it would be VERY time consuming. This is my biggest stumbling block.
    Fortunately, all of the so called Lightroom advantages in your list above are true for Aperture just the same – except the last one. But then, LR 5 has just caught up with the Aperture feature set in most (not all) areas but it hasn’t overtaken Aperture yet (except in the Develop module), so there is no real need to switch right now. I will seriously consider switching to LR when LR 6 comes out and finally puts LR ahead of Aperture – and if Adobe comes up with something to make the migration easier.

  49. I love lightroom. I use it to preview ,edit and client viewing consultation.It is a great sales tool for me in my portrait work. My two stumbling blocks are how to break the photoshop habit and let lightroom do more for me. (saving time) and the other is how to get catalogues of my scenic fine art galleries into a wordpress gallery direct with out having to use the galleries WP provides which I find somewhat klunky.

  50. My biggest stumbling block is time spent on deciding which way to develop each picture. Do I do sharpening first and then exposure, is it better to do white and highlight then do shadows and black? What is smugmug.

  51. Stumbling blocks:
    1) No color picker for hue/saturation/luminance slider trio (limited/fixed set of color bands)
    2) Limited adjustment for Shadows and Highlights –> export, re-import TIFF and do again…
    3) No HSL sliders available for Adjustment Brush and Linear Gradient tools
    4) Cannot use pixels from different image with spot removal tool
    5) Apparently no CLAHE contrast enhancement operation tool, have to write my own I guess
    6) Spot removal improved in LR5, but still tedious manual process in cloud areas
    7) Monochrome presets not useful, monochrome conversion in general needs a lot of work
    8) Output sharpening for web-sized images needs post-export sharpen step
    9) Watermark editor and watermarking in general need some TLC
    10) LRCAT architecture is frustrating

    SmugMug account:

  52. My biggest stumbling block is learning how to tag my images to find them faster. I haven’t been very efficient in cataloging either. I’m familiar with most of the tools since I’ve used LR since version 1 beta but my workflow just isn’t consistent.

  53. The biggest stumbling blocks in my photo editing workflow is knowing how to fully utilize Lr & how to best organize my images between Lr, Br & iPhoto. I know Lr has much more to offer if I learn to understand it better.

  54. The biggest stumbling blok for me is to actually take the time to properly keyword everything when i’m importing my files. I’m always in a hurry to import it so I have it backed up, or edit something so I can print some proofs. Would love to check out S.Kelby’s latest book to start “developing” some better habits in my workflow…

  55. I utilise Photography to supplement my income and I’m already very busy working a full time job and have little free time after work. So after a shoot I find that time consumption when editing large qauntities of photo’s after any given photo shoot Is stumbling block #1 My second dilemma is having a quick and efficient way to edit and then post up my photo’s for the clients in a timely manner.

    1. Melvin,

      From what I can see you have never used our LR plugin, this is by far the most efficient way to create galleries and upload photos to SmugMug from LR.



  56. Ive just started using a mac computer, and it also has parallels on it which allows me to use some PC, editing software that im use to, however switching to multiple editing programs during my work flow really slows down my process..

  57. I’m still relatively new to Lightroom but when I look back at when I first started using it to edit my photos and what I know now, I think I’ve come a long way! It’s been a few months of reading and watching YouTube tutorials – and there’s always more to learn. The idea of adding keywords to my photos looks easy but is a little daunting considering how many photos are currently in my library without keywords. Also, I didn’t know about the Publish to SmugMug plug-in until now, and can’t wait to give it a go!

  58. Honestly, my biggest stumbling block with Lightroom is the plugins. Keeping them sorted, and updating them – just updated my Smug plugin a few weeks ago, which then stopped working at all, requiring me to revert to my backup catalog and delete a bunch of ‘missing images’. Then there’s the Nik plugins that never update properly. There has to be a better way of doing this.

    Smugmug Website:

  59. My biggest stumbling block is time. I have so many photos to edit and it takes me forever to edit them. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my photos. I love Lightroom and I use it more then any other editing software i have. I didn’t know about the Publish to SmugMug plug-in until I read it on this site and I can’t wait to give it a try.

  60. I love Lightroom and know that it’s much more powerful than the ways in which I’m using it right now. Even so, the ease of processing my HDR photos is so much easier than using Photoshop. The publish to Smugmug plugin I’ve been gleefully using for EVAH. However, my blog is on WordPress and there isn’t an easy way to upload photos there, so that’s a hole in my workflow I’d like to plug soon. My Smugmug homepage is at


  61. I have been falling behind in editing (with Lightroom and some day Photoshop) the many shots taken at events attended as an onlooker. Attendees (especially my wife) usually want to see the results chop chop and the workflow in getting from image ingestion to uploading to SmugMug needs to be much more efficient to keep up. The delay actually has discouraged me from shooting a number of times to control the backlog. I am trying to apply to techniques and programs described in “The Dam Book” by Krogh and am hoping an updated computer setup will help move things along. My SmugMug website is “”.

  62. My biggest challenge in Lightroom is taking the time to keyword my images. I need get myself in the habit of doing that so I can search for photos. I also need to make collections of photos for my portfolio. Organization is the key and I wish I had started out that way.

    My SmugMug website is

  63. I feel like i need all the help i can get to get the most out of my camera, LR5 and Smugmug. I have to steal snatches of time out of the busy life of mom/physician to enjoy photography and have to relearn all the habits i have picked up over the years. Love to keep learning, though.

  64. My biggest stumbling blocks in my workflow is choosing from the many filters available plus all the ones I’ve created myself. The ease of syncing the settings of one pic with hundreds more at a time is

  65. I have a big problem with the book module. Too stiff in options for layouts; can’t make custom (you know what I mean – from scratch). Kills me that you can’t choose to export them all as pages or all as spreads.

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