Release Notes: Duplicate Orders, New Getting Started Video, Bulk Add to Cart, and more

Hey, Smuggers! It’s been a little while since we’ve had a Release Notes post, but we’ve been heads-down and hard at work. Here are some of the most recent things we’ve pushed live. Chances are, many of you have already have noticed a few of these around your site.

New: Duplicate Your Own Orders

Due to popular demand, you can now re-order any previous print order you’ve placed at SmugMug. To do this, simply look for your order confirmation email and visit your order page, then find the link at the top:

Clicking that link will drop the same items from that order into your shopping cart — no need to re-crop or tweak your color correction settings. If you already had other items in your cart, you’ll see those there and can check out in one fell swoop.

New: Getting Started Video

We’ve been busy creating great new help content to get you up and running ASAP, so if you haven’t already seen it (and need it), watch our brand-new video that gets you going in just over two minutes.

You may have seen it during your 14-day trial, but if not, find the video under the help menu in the top right corner of your logged-in SmugMug header.

Improvements: Bulk Add to Cart

When you click Buy > Photos From This Gallery, you’ll see a shiny new screen that matches the rest of SmugMug’s new design. We’ve cleaned up the whole screen and fixed a lot of old code under the hood so it’s now smoother, faster, and easier to buy lots of photos in one go.

And everything else:

  • We’ve added new “helpies” that pop up and guide those of you trying out the new SmugMug. They’ll guide you through a few key features and get you started, so don’t be shy.
  • Moving photos around in your site-wide Organizer is now warp-speed fast. Given that you can just click and drag photos to move them around your site, now there’s zero excuse for being disorganized!
  • The info bar in your lightbox view has been cleaned up even more so it looks good and stays out of your way… until you mouse around in there and bring it up.
  • We’ll now display a banner at the top of your gallery if you’ve set Hide Owner, much like we already do for unlisted and passworded galleries.

Enjoy, and as always: Let us know what you think!

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7 thoughts on “Release Notes: Duplicate Orders, New Getting Started Video, Bulk Add to Cart, and more”

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Petr! We certainly do get feedback from time to time about the digital licenses so it’s on our feature request list.

  1. While the bulk add to cart is cleaner, it seems to be missing one nice feature the old version had which is the ability to see at least some of the metadata about the photo while hovering over it. If you’re putting together a bulk order for a bunch of people, it’s kind of nice to be able to double check image names, or numbers.

    1. Hi Mark, we did remove those because they weren’t useful on touch screen devices, but it sounds like you’ve been relying on that info more than we expected. We’d definitely love to hear from others in the same boat as you, because we certainly don’t intend to make things more difficult for you and your clients. Thanks!

  2. Wahoo! Now we just need the regular shopping cart cleaned up. That thing is so cluttered and messy that my sales have come to a halt. It’s a shame to lose business over the shopping cart. Can’t wait to see it get it’s proper update!

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