Smug Tip: 6 More SmugMug Features You Didn’t Know You Had

Not too long ago, we wrote a post unearthing some of the great features you’ve already got in your SmugMug account. And since we’re always having new photo-lovers come join our family, we thought we’d share a few more things that you may not have noticed are already living amongst your photos.

Here’s to those sneaky features that may be hiding in plain sight. Enjoy!

1) Custom Video Preview Images

All SmugMug accounts can accept video files of 20 minutes in length and 3 GB in size, which is a great addition to the still photos you capture in your life. But did you know that you can change the preview image that displays on it, so your fans can see something more interesting than a random frame before they hit Play?

First, decide on a JPG image you want to use… or better yet, create one in your favorite image editor and upload it to your SmugMug galleries. Then just navigate to your video in the gallery, click the wrench, and choose Edit > Replace Preview.

2) “Sticky” Cover Photos for Your Folders & Galleries

In the same vein, you can choose a cover photo that appears every time your gallery is shown on your site. We call this your Feature image, and it will “stick” every time your site is reloaded, instead of displaying the first photos in the gallery.

Just open your Gallery Settings and look under the Basic tab. Click the icon next to Feature Image and choose any image you want to represent that gallery.

Tip: You can even do this for passworded galleries, which typically don’t show any thumbnails for privacy reasons. However, you may want to do this for, say, your client galleries, just to be sure they know which gallery is theirs on your site.

3) Stats. Really Great Stats.

We track all kinds of good stuff, like which of your galleries and images have been visited the most, as well as show you where your traffic is coming from. Just check out the Stats tab in your Account Settings and take it from there! You can read more about your SmugMug stats on our help pages.

If you prefer, you can always sign up for a free Google Analytics account and plug in your unique user ID into the same tab of your Account Settings, to double-check our work. Here’s how.

4) Search (and Filter by EXIF)

Any time you (or your guests) search for things on your site via the Search content block or from, you’ll see lots of beautiful photos that you can scroll through to your heart’s content. But did you know that you can hit the “Refine Results” button at the top and open up dozens of additional checkboxes? This will help you narrow down your choices and find pictures taken using just the criteria you specify.

Watch out! It’s strangely addictive, so you may end up spending a lot more time discovering photos than you expect.

5) PicMonkey: Free Photo Tweaks

If our in-gallery Photo Tools aren’t quite enough for you, check out our friends at PicMonkey. You can find them right under every photo, under the Wrench icon. Open it up and you’ll see all the great tweaks and mods you can add to your photos!

Tip: We even have a quick video tutorial all about PicMonkey.

6) Discounts Just for Being Smug 

That’s right. You’re in great company when you’re with us. You can browse and view the discount details simply by logging in and visiting our ClubSmug page. Shop, have fun, and tell them we sent you!

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10 thoughts on “Smug Tip: 6 More SmugMug Features You Didn’t Know You Had”

  1. You learn something new every day!! I managed to set a “sticky cover photo” will explore the other stuff later when I have more time. Thanks SmugMug. This site is the best!!

  2. I am having problems with #2. This is one of the many reasons I have not yet migrated. My galleries and folders never change preview pictures; it is not randomized. I have not set a sticky photo. I do not like the way it looks to always have the same photo show up. Is there a reason none of my galleries and folders show different pictures? As of August 2013, this was a known issue as I submitted for help then. Has this been fully fixed? Because I am still not seeing randomized preview photos. Thanks.

    1. Chris, oops, sorry about the blooper! We’ve updated the post above to reflect the fact that galleries display the first image they contain, not a random image. We got things a big mixed up and we apologize for misleading you. Thanks for weighing in!

      1. Greetings. Above I had asked if the Randomized Photo option is coming to the new smugmug. Can someone provide an update on this? This is one of the main reasons I have yet to migrate. Thank you.

        1. Hi Chris, we can’t give previews of what is coming down the pipeline or not, but we really appreciate your candor in holding off for that feature. Right now all cover photos are set to either the first photo in the gallery or one that you select, but you can let our Product team that you really prefer a randomized option:

          We’d love to have you vote for this where our team pools all feature requests. Thank you!

  3. I would like to set sticky photos to galleries but I can’t find a “basic” tab in gallery settings and I can’t find a “choose a cover photo” prompt

    1. Hi John

      Looks like you haven’t yet made the move to the new SmugMug. On the old version of SmugMug, setting a gallery cover photo is done in your gallery tools, using the feature photo option. Open the image that you want to feature and then open the tools menu. You’ll find feature photo there.
      I’d really encourage you to give the new SmugMug a try! I’m sure you’ll love it.

  4. Hi George
    It’s nice to hear from you. I checked out your site, and see that you have added the profile content block onto your homepage right now. You can move it to the top if you’d like, above your Multiple Photos content block. You could also remove that multiple photos content block so you only display your profile on the homepage, and then build out your navigation bar to lead people to your galleries. Check this article on how to build out the navigation menu:
    Another option might be to customize the content of your homepage, and use text content blocks to build your profile instead of using the supplied profile content block. That would give you more layout freedom that the profile block provides. I’m thinking something similar to the first example here:
    I hope that helps answer your question! Our heroes are always happy to help too.

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