Customizing Success Story

Are you confused as to where to start? Don’t worry, we can help. Our Customizing FAQ is a great place to start out. From there, take a look at Customizing for Dummies, a five-part series. Some real basics, like just a header? SmugMug Help to the rescue. A little more advanced stuff — like custom colors, a background image, maybe changing fonts and such? More SmugMug Help.

And so, here is the story of our SmugMug Pro, a fine photographer but no programmer, not a geek, HTML and CSS were just more alphabet soup for him, before he came to Dgrin! Over just a few days, this pro asked his questions, got quick answers with actual code to use, and plenty of free consulting from both SmugMug (me) and the volunteers that freely give of their time at Dgrin. These are folks that “have been there and have done that!” We’re very fortunate to have them as part of the community. The result? You can see it here, at Brandolino Imaging.

Of course, if you’re still puzzled, or prefer direct contact, just email me, the House Pro and I’ll be glad to help, and also guide you to all of SmugMug’s resources.

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