Don’t Get Framed or Forwarded

We get a lot of email to our helpdesk from frantic pros and their customers — typically it’s about a customer who can’t complete the shopping cart, or can’t enter a password into a password protected gallery. Most always, this is caused by one of two things: your custom hostname is either “framed” or “forwarded.”

Framing displays your SmugMug page through a window on your registrar’s server, which prevents us from reading or writing user cookies. That means we can’t remember their gallery preferences, can’t keep them logged into password-protected galleries, and your shopping cart won’t work.

Forwarding has the same effect. Oftentimes, domain registrars will tell you “sure, we’ll forward to, noooooo problemo!” Problemo. The only thing that SmugMug fully supports is CNAME aliasing. Some of the domain registrars make it very easy to implement CNAME forwarding, while with others it can be more enjoyable to spend a day having root canal.

If you need help with your domain registrar, we can usually help troubleshoot. Write us.

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