Event Shooters, don’t forget the “Amuse-bouche”

Last week I spoke with Mark Lehner at HoofClix.com, he’s a really fine equine event photographer, and one of SmugMug’s top pros. Mark’s got a very interesting twist to his event photography — he gives away candids from each event. It’s a concept that I’ve always noted in the some of the world’s finest restaurants. When you first sit down, the waiter will bring you a small tasting of something the chef wants you to try. It’s called an Amuse-bouche, and it’s one of the finest marketing ploys ever — and why not — free food!

Here’s how Mark does it. So this trick, in conjunction with other proactive marketing such as handing out business cards, promo sheets, and the like, at the event, is realy cool. Buyers are going to be “stickier on your site,” they’ll want to pick up a candid…then, you’ve got them, they’ll buy their photos, too. Don’t give them too much — the Amuse-bouche is to titillate, not slake.

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