Flash This!

I hear tell on forums and from mail that many pros think that one SmugMug site looks like the next. Bah!

Flash This!.

I’m constantly amazed at what can be done with our SmugMug customization. This idea came about from a discussion thread on Digital Grin. I first made my New York Minute gallery.. and then thought, “hmmm this could make a nice homepage mini-show!”

This is a great tool — not only to spruce up your homepage — but for increasing sales and a higher quality presentation to your clients. How about, a 30-shot slide show of “selects” from that wedding, and it heads up the gallery that has the wedding proofs in it? Nice. How about, a short show featuring your portfolio or samples? By the way, these slide shows are served up from standard SmugMug galleries — yeah you’ll need to have some special customization on your site (Javascript), but the little bit of effort is well worth it.

Oh and guess what? You can even use it for a personal site, too!

What’s that? You wan’t some of that? :) See you at Digital Grin!

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