We like to move it, move it. Transfer your photos directly to SmugMug with ease.


Unless you started taking photos yesterday, chances are you have photos stored all over the place, online and off. The way photography has changed over the last decade even made that chance almost a foregone conclusion. For many, their first digital photo was probably no bigger than a megabyte. Now, for many DSLR or mirrorless photographers each photo’s size has ballooned up to 30 or even 40 MB apiece. You can now get an SD card that will hold a terabyte. Heck, your phone probably shoots jpegs that easily clock in at 6-10 MB or more! So where do you put them all?

For most, it’s on your computer or an external hard drive. For others, it’s a combination of photo sites or cloud storage like DropBox or Flickr. Some even opt to dump them all on Facebook despite the risk of losing them or being down-rez’d so much they lose most of their luster. For even more, it’s some combination of these making it a ridiculous project to track down specific images for certain occasions. Looking for that childhood Christmas photo for your daughter’s upcoming rehearsal dinner slideshow? Good luck! Want that epic sunset from your first camping trip? Not here, try again!

Point is, finding and storing your photos shouldn’t be a difficult thing, and the number of places your photos can live is enough to make your head spin. But we have a better way. Besides giving you a beautiful home for your photos where you can organize, print, share, and even sell them, we know that your photo home needs an easy door to walk through.

We’re introducing an exciting new set of integrations for our SmugMug subscribers that will help take all that guess work out of making sure your photos are organized, protected, and easy to find when you need them. We’ve added a quick, simple way to directly transfer your photos from Google Photos and Flickr straight to your SmugMug site. Since we launched these integrations with DropBox last year, we have helped our customers move millions of photos to SmugMug. Now, instead of downloading all your images to your computer or a hard drive, then uploading them to SmugMug, you can transfer them directly from these services right to SmugMug. That means all your photos will not only be safe, but also be displayed brilliantly in a single, awesome home.

Now what was I looking for? Ah yes, that perfect photo of my dog taking a nap.

Learn more here!


Beer or Coffee – 11/4/16

November is upon us! We’ve had a busy week here at SmugMug, with some really exciting changes rolling out. Watch our weekly Facebook Live show to hear us talk about the new stuff, or keep reading below for more details.

New this week:

  • The really big change this week revolves around privacy settings for your galleries and folders. We’ve significantly improved your ability to select the exact setting you want on each folder and gallery, instead of just inheriting the setting from the folder it lives in. For a complete description of all the changes and reasons for the changes, check out this post in our forums.
  • The new products we’ve been teasing you with the last few weeks are finally out! We have a whole lineup of sizes for Acrylic Metal prints and also Maple Wood prints. Add them to your pricelists today to start selling them!
  • ClubSmug got a facelift and some new deals. We work hard with other companies we love to bring you discounts on products we personally recommend. If you haven’t already, you should go check it out.

We fixed a recently introduced bug that prevented you from creating new Free Shipping coupons for your customers.

Beer or Coffee – 10/28/16

Happy Halloween weekend! I hope your weekend is full of ghosts, ghouls and copious amounts of candy.  Halloween’s proximity means you have precious few days left to enter our Halloween contest.

Didn’t watch our Facebook Live?  No problem, here’s what we released this week:

  • We’ve made some big updates to uploading in our iOS App. We’ve added a robust upload queue, showing you all the details of your existing uploads. Multiple images will now upload simultaneously, dramatically speeding up uploads in general. You can also upload to multiple galleries at once, and we’ll do our best to keep your uploads running in the background if needed. In short, getting your photos from your iPhone or iPad has never been easier!
  • There were a few minor bugs surrounding the features that allow you to brand your packages for your customers. Your customers will get flawless Thank You prints and branding stickers on their packages, making sure your personal brand is presented in the best possible way.
  • Mid-Gloss Metal Prints are now available through Bay Photo! This is my personal preference for finish on gorgeous metal prints; I highly recommend adding them to your pricelists today.

How to make Halloween photography a treat.

Our friends at The Photographer Academy have released this great video tutorial to ensure you’re taking the scariest, spookiest, and eeriest photos possible this Halloween. Here are Mark Cleghorn’s four favorite tips to create fun, bone-chilling photos.

Keep it creepy by:

1. Use two back lights, lighting your subjects from both sides (right and left) with different colored gels to give a haunting feeling.

2. Use black seamless paper as a background to let light graduate and be absorbed

3. Set up a front light with a simple strip box to give your subjects the illumination and good transition across all subjects’ faces. This lets the light wrap around the subjects, if even moving, and gives a natural look.

4. Smear vaseline on an acrylic sheet and shoot through it for a foggy appearance.

Do you have any go-to tricks that make shooting Halloween photography a treat? Share them in the comments!

Beer or Coffee – 10/21/16

I hope you all have weekend plans already, because Friday is upon us again! I’m out of town today, but I’ll leave you all in the very capable hands of Jen and Evan for our Facebook Live show.  They’ll be previewing another new product coming soon from Bay Photo!

Don’t have time to watch? Here’s what we have been working on lately:

  • We’ve made some very significant improvements to our Coupons feature. We’ve given the feature a much needed facelift, but we’ve been working on functionality as well! You can now edit the coupon code, discount amount, and currency type of the coupon up until it has been used the first time. We’ve also improved the wording around restrictions or limitations on coupons to make it easier to get everything just right. Perhaps most exciting is the unseen benefits, the underlying technology has been upgraded to allow us to do some exciting new things with coupons in the future.
  • We’ve also launched a Halloween photo contest! If you haven’t entered yet, you still have another week to  submit your best Halloween photos and possibly win some big prizes!

What’s better than a sack full of candy? A sack full of money!

Halloween is our favorite holiday. Really! We get dressed up. We go trick-or-treating. (Or at least take the kiddos out.) We decorate and eat candy without regard for teeth or waistline—Carpe Halloweenem! So we’re all dying to know…are you on this level too? Do you dress up? Spread fake cobwebs all over your house? Create elaborate yard displays designed for the sole purpose of terrifying the neighborhood kids? Whatever you do, we want to see it. Just snap a picture, send it to us, and you could win some seriously awesome prizes.


Since we can’t imagine celebrating Halloween only halfway, we’re putting our money where our candy bowl is. Right now through the 31st, you can enter to win up to $3,000 cash plus tons of other great prizes including SmugMug swag bags with our coveted hoodie, a free year of Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography, $50 Mixbook credit for any of their print materials, or one of two large Xposer wall prints from Bay Photo.

To enter, all you have to do is upload your favorite Halloween images to a public gallery on your SmugMug account. Tag each photo with the keyword “Smugoween,” and our panel of experts will judge the entries and choose four winners for our awesome prize packages. You can enter as many photos as you want! We’ll be adding all entries here throughout the contest, but don’t worry if you don’t see yours immediately—they can take a while to add to the keyword page.

For official rules or more information on how to enter your photos, visit our contest page. We can’t wait to see how you make Halloween a total scream!

Beer or Coffee – 10/14/16

It’s Friday again already! While this week has been relatively quiet, we still have some really fun stuff to talk about. Tune in to our Facebook Live show to see us tease some unreleased products from Bay Photo that you’ll be able to sell very soon! In case you missed it, we’ll be live every Friday morning at 11 AM Pacific. Join us there, or watch it here!


If you don’t want to watch, here’s what we released this week: