Pimp Your Ride

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I bristle when I hear “all SmugMug sites look the same…” Man, that really frosts me! Onethumb and JT have built a system such that the customization possibilities are nearly limitless! Along the lines of TV’s Pimp Your Ride, I’ve made a little collection of things you can do to your SmugMug site.

How about a homepage slide show, to feature your best stuff?

Here’s an idea: force a 1-minute slideshow”, perfect for sending “selects” to clients along with proofs.

Add a little Bling-Bling to your info-type pages.

Attention fine art pros! Give your buyers a look at the fine details of your work.

Oh and you don’t have to settle for the same boring fonts and layouts all the time!

You can even showcase panoramas and larger shots with a little CSS trickery!

So, how do you do it? Well, if I can do these things, anybody can. I am not a programmer or webdesigner. Truthfully, I’m really good at copy, paste, modify to taste. I learn my tricks from the Dgrin Customization Forum, and the really fine guys that help out there. Come on over, and introduce yourself, and ask your questions. We’ll help you Pimp Your Ride!.

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