Happy Birthday, Awesomize

Camera Awesome just turned 1, and we only have one thing to say about it:


There isn’t enough cake in the universe to show how much we appreciate the support you’ve given our free iPhone camera app over the last year. Mobile photographers like you have clicked, tapped, snapped, pre-corded, filtered, cowbelled, and koala sneezed us all the way to top of the charts in the App Store, and taken us everywhere in the world.

We’ve had such a great time seeing the gorgeous, funny (and sometimes awkward) #awesomized photos that pop up on Facebook, Instagram and more.

See a slice of the Awesomverse on SmugMug.

We Heart You. Here’s Why.

Yeah, we blush knowing that so many of you swear by Camera Awesome and use it to capture so much of your lives. The proof is in the pudding: We’ve counted more than 13 million users who shot 250 million photos using the app. That’s almost twice the entire population of Japan.

And your top three favorite presets are: Blue Pill (17%), Goddess (14%) and Road Trip (12%). They’re our favorites, too, in addition to More Cowbell and More Wang (both 11% of all presets used).

And we’ve had some seriously impressive milestones that surprised even the biggest skeptics among us all:

  • Last Week: Enabled volume shutter button for better iPhonergonomics
  • December 2012: Tumblr integration/iPhone 5 optimization. (9 million users and 200 million photos taken)
  • October 2012: iPad app launch + iOS 6 support (lucky 7 million users!)
  • March 27, 2012: Released $9.99 Bundle + Instagram integration (doubled to 4 million users already)
  • March 6, 2012: 2 million users in first week (1 million in first four days)
  • February 28, 2012: Camera Awesome launched on iPhone at 3:33 PM

No matter who you are, where you are or what you shoot, we hope that you’ll keep taking us along for the ride, wherever you’re going for the next year… and beyond.

Oh, and One More Thing…

… Stay tuned for the Android version, coming soon.ūüėČ

Happy Awesomizing!

The Camera Awesome journey (or: How you helped us turn a little idea into a total game-changer)

Shoot Better Mobile Photos With Camera Awesome

We love you, fans.

For 10 years, passionate photographers just like you have helped SmugMug become the company we are today. As we pour our hearts and souls into making neat new stuff like the Camera Awesome app, it totally bakes our cakes to see that you love using it as much as we do.

So, to celebrate a decade of being Smug — and to thank you for helping Camera Awesome¬†become one of the most popular camera apps on the market — we’ve whipped up a beautiful infographic to share.

It’s chock full of facts, figures and tricks to help you shoot better images with the one camera you alway have.

Tip: Click the image to see it full-sized, or download your own copy and take it with you.

Get Camera Awesome Now

And if you’re new to Camera Awesome, you can download it for iPhone AND iPad and start shooting now. It’s totally free and comes bundled with 36 gorgeous effects and filters. With lots more available for just $.99 per set, $3.99 per category or $9.99 for all 262,143 possible combinations.

Need help getting started? We’ve got answers.

Happy Awesomizing!

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Camera Awesome for iPad Opens a Whole New Window to Your World

When we designed Camera Awesome for the iPhone, we wanted to do something equally extraordinary for the iPad without making it feel like a giant, awkward camera.

We know what you’re thinking. We thought it, too: Taking pictures with an iPad? I’d never chase my kids around with a computer!¬†

But the more we talked to people, the more we kept hearing that shooting through the big, hi-res screen was a profoundly surreal experience. It may seem funny at first, but we kept hearing how much better your pictures turn out when you can actually see what you’re shooting, without squinting or pinching the screen.

Plus, your “wow” moment is so much bigger when you show off what you shot on that ginormous iPad screen.

In short: Don’t knock it ’til you try it!

Is it just like the iPhone version?

Camera Awesome for iPad lets you use the same great shooting features, modes and filters that you already know and love on your iPhone. It takes full advantage of your device’s hi-res display and offers a bigger, cleaner interface with large previews, better framing and easier editing.

It’s also one of the most powerful camera apps out there for the iPad, giving you basic and advanced shooting features, detailed photo info and solid editing tools.

And of course, we’ve maximized the viewing area so it’s just that: A huge, magical window into another world. Yours.

What does it do for me?

Camera Awesome is perfect for anyone who loves to capture their favorite moments and share them with friends.

  • Use it straight up to snap everyday great photos, every time.
  • Go high-octane with 9 fps burst mode, video precording, ¬†a horizon level and tons more.
  • Perfect your images with our library of gorgeous filters.
  • Post your work to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

A SmugMug account isn’t required, but with it you’ll get a safe place to archive all of your Camera Awesome photos, no matter how much you love to shoot.

So if you haven’t already tried it, you’ve got to see why more than 7 million users shot over 150 million photos since we launched it 7 months ago. Here’s just a few on SmugMug.

How do I get it?

Get Camera Awesome from the App Store or Awesomize.com now. As always, it’s completely free. And it comes pre-loaded with 36 beautiful, full-resolution effects and filters that let you create 729 unique looks.

Want more? Buy additional sets for $0.99, categories for $3.99 or grab the whole shebang (all effects available now and forever) for $9.99. That’s¬†262,143 possible combinations, right at your fingertips. Yeow.

But I’ve already bought filters on the iPhone!

Camera Awesome¬†knows that it’s you on a different device, so you don’t have to buy them again. Just¬†restore your purchases¬†in the app settings on your iPad and go to town.

Enjoy awesomizing your photos in large format!

New Updates to Camera Awesome(r)

If you’ve used your iPhone today, you may have noticed that Camera Awesome just got a nice big update. Here’s what’s included:

  • Better bundling: It’s now just $9.99 for all effects, forever and ever. If you’ve already bought a few, it’ll do the right thing and bill you the difference.
  • Getting started guide: In-app help shows you how to post, edit and share.
  • Pinch to zoom: Easier, intuitive zoom. The way Apple intended.
  • White Balance lock: Stick to one white balance in tricky light.
  • Instagram sharing: Publish to Instagram with one tap.
  • Smoother timer: Drag to set the self-timer. No more fat fingers.

These updates may look a little familiar – they’re some of the top feature requests you’ve been telling us since we launched Camera Awesome a month ago. We hope you love the additions and will keep sending us your feedback.

We’ve crossed 4 million downloads already (thanks to you)! To all you shutterbugs out there: Happy shooting and sharing.

Over 2 Million Awesome Fans

Holy moly, you guys rock!

In a single week after we debuted our free iPhone app, Camera Awesome, we blew right past 2 MILLION downloads.

(This means we averaged more than three downloads per second. And you’ve taken over 10 million photos with Camera Awesome. Wow!)

This review on AllThingsD sums it up.

The #1 Photo App in 55 Countries

We couldn’t do it without you ‚Äď our friends and family and fans ‚Äď who have cheered us on, fought for us, and gave us the smackdown when we deserved a good dose of reality.

Thank you to everyone who’s given our app a try. We hope that we’ve accomplished our goal: to make shooting and sharing your life easier and faster. More beautiful. More fun.

Here are some Awesomized pics you’ve been shooting:

It’s not our style to rest on our laurels, so we’ve got to get back to work making your photos look even more awesome here.

Talk soon,
The SmugMug Family