5 Marketing Tips You Never Suspected Could Double Your Business

Want to sell more? Who doesn’t! Uploading your photos is a great first step, but there’s way more to business than that.

Today we’ll be sharing a few very simple ways to hook clients and get them buying prints, gifts, downloads and more. Best of all, these features are already built in to every SmugMug Pro account.

1. Custom domain.

You don’t need your own domain to share and sell, but it sure makes you look like a million bucks. But that price is deceiving: Most custom domains cost under $20 per year, which is way less than you make in an hour of shooting. And if that isn’t enough, you can usually get a custom email address wrapped up into the deal. A unified brand says you’re cool, polished and professional.

Get it now: Snag your own URL on SmugMugDomains.com and get set up in 15 minutes. Questions? Talk to our heroes!

2. Keywords.

If a photographer builds a website and there’s no keywords around, does it get found? We’re sure you’ll be sharing your shiny new website on Facebook and forums, but go the extra mile to make sure search engines know you’re there, too. Adding photo-, gallery- and site-wide keywords will boost your Search Engine Optimization and help put you in touch with Google-savvy clients.

Get it now: Start tweaking your keywords using your gallery Tools menu. And check out our full list of SEO tips for maximum marketability.

3. MOO Cards.

Put your name on the map with beautiful custom business cards by MOO.com. These guys love to print and it shows in their approach to getting you fun and friendly cards that are durable enough to hold up to your business. You can print a different image on each one and use them to share pre-gallery URLs or coupon codes at your event. And they even come in two handy sizes: Regular or attention-getting MiniCards.

Get it now: Find great deals on MOO on our ClubSmug page and get your beautiful pocket portfolio ready to go. Get started in your gallery’s Buy button, under “Business Cards.”

4. Print Samples.

Set the hook the first time you sit down with your client. Ordering your favorite images printed across different papers and formats doesn’t just get you up close and personal with our pro labs – it gets your customers excited about printing their own memories on something they can touch, feel and hang on the wall.

Get it now: Check out our catalog and go nuts. It’s worth it. And if you’re not happy with them, tell us! We stand by our guarantee.

5. Thank You Print.

Your customer’s experience doesn’t end after clicking “Buy.” Stay in touch and keep them thinking of you by adding a 4×6 Thank You Print in the delivery box. You can customize it with any image or message you wish (like a coupon code towards their next purchase, *hint hint*) and we’ll pack it up and send it along.

Get it now: Design your image file and upload it to the Pros section of your Control Panel. Read all about Order Branding.

Are you ready to bust out and start making more sales? Even if you’re already a seasoned SmugMug Pro, we hope these tips help you think up more creative ways to share your work and spread the word.

Now go get ’em!

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Learn to Fuse Motion and Stills with Sandy Puc’ and Jared Abrams

“If It Moves, Shoot It!”

So sayeth the great Sandy Puc’ to pro photographers looking to gain an edge with their clients.

With the rise of DSLR HD video, you can’t afford to be fumbling with video when the competition is already rockin’ the keyframes. Many of us reckon ourselves still photographers, but it’s simple to use your camera’s built-in video functions to wow the client and bring in more money. Sandy and Jared will show you how to use the video that comes with your camera to create additional sellable products like slideshows and movies.

SmugMug’s already hooked up with Animoto and ProShow Web, so adding video to your toolbelt is a cinch.

 The Masters in Marketing… and Motion

Sandy’s teaming up with Hollywood cinematographer Jared Abrams to give you a crash course on what those buttons do and how to use ’em. Even better, they’ll coach you on how to best leverage video clips and still photos in your marketing campaigns and presentations.

The fun starts this Tuesday, and you’ve got just two weeks and 15 cities to catch them before this opportunity’s gone.

All dates in May, 2011:

  • 10 – Denver, CO
  • 11 – Minneapolis, MN
  • 12 – Chicago, IL
  • 13 – Columbus, OH
  • 15 – Philadelphia, PA
  • 16 – Baltimore, MD
  • 18 – Atlanta, GA
  • 19 – Houston, TX
  • 20 – Dallas, TX
  • 22 – Phoenix, AZ
  • 23 – Los Angeles, CA
  • 24 – San Francisco, CA
  • 26 – Sacramento, CA
  • 27 – Portland, OR
  • 29 – Seattle, WA

Look here for complete details. What’s more, you can use the code SMPP11 to get $20 off the regular ticket price. Click here to register now.

Or…. We’ll Send You For Free

We’re giving away one free ticket to one of the tour stops. Just comment on this blog post by Friday, May 6th, and we’ll pick a winner who gets to go on our dime.

Don’t miss out this incredible chance to better your business!


More Winners = More Fun.

Instead of giving away just ONE ticket to the video tour, we are giving away one free ticket to EACH city on the tour.

Here’s what you have to do to get another chance to win:

1) Like Sandy’s FB page here.
2) Like SmugMug’s page here.
3) Post on Sandy’s Wall, “@SmugMug sent me to tell ya [insert your city here] loves Sandy Puc.”

On Monday May 9, we’ll announce the winners for Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Columbus, Philadelphia and Baltimore. On Wednesday May 11, we’ll announce the winners for the rest of the cities. If you’ve already commented on this blog post, following the steps above will give you another shot at winning.

Are you excited yet?🙂


Ready for some winners? Here ya go. The lucky (and randomly selected) winners of FREE admission to the tour are…

  • 10 – Denver, CO – Diana Griffin
  • 11 – Minneapolis, MN – Sarah Kannenberg
  • 12 – Chicago, IL – Sam Tang
  • 13 – Columbus, OH – Kristan Dunlap
  • 15 – Philadelphia, PA – Joe Ryan
  • 16 – Baltimore, MD – Joe Richardson
  • 18 – Atlanta, GA – Frank Tan
  • 19 – Houston, TX – Kyler Rhorer
  • 20 – Dallas, TX – Kayne Parrish
  • 22 – Phoenix, AZ – Christina Lawrie
  • 23 – Los Angeles, CA – Jeah Tan Avila
  • 24 – San Francisco, CA – Stormy Maddux
  • 26 – Sacramento, CA – Coree Firchau Keenan
  • 27 – Portland, OR – Arnaud Douglas Ardans II
  • 29 – Seattle, WA – Amanda Howse Butler

Smug Tip of the Week: Use Coupons to Boost Your Sales

Our Smug Tip for this Week is a friendly reminder and marketing advice for our Pros: Use Coupons!

First, check out this video walkthrough by working Pro and SmugDesigner, Wade Heninger:


Coupons can really help push your print and download sales. Instead of letting your photos just sit on your site, special discounts can sweeten the deal.

Tip: Just remember not to put any exotic characters like dashes or hyphens into the code itself.😉

1. Create a coupon from your Control Panel, in the Pros tab. You can make them specific to a client, or make one and offer it to several people at a time.

2. Pick a coupon type that fits your marketing style.

3. Set an expiration date to get them buying faster. You can skip it if you wish, but time is money!

4. Strategize. As Wade describes, you can offer a print credit when your client pays you a deposit, or you can offer free shipping for a few days after a special event. These are just two of many ways to incentivize your clients and get your sales rolling.

Send it off to your clients using whatever method works best for you. You may even opt to blend two of our powerful marketing features and drop a coupon code into a Thank You Print.

We hope this helps our Pros discover and maximize the features that come with your account. Give it a try and get selling!

Sign Up and Save 20% on The Power of Passion Tour with Sandy Puc’ and Jerry Ghionis

It’s time to step it up, wedding pros, and this is your chance! Photographer-gone-mentor Sandy Puc and international Top 5 Wedding Photographer Jerry Ghionis are kicking off a 33-city tour to teach you how to make brides (and you) swoon with delight.

With Sandy’s inspiring, energetic approach to business combined with Jerry’s master marketing skills, you’ve got an unbeatable combination that no Pro should miss.

The Power of Passion Tour is a perfect crash course for both beginner and advanced photographers. Their intense, 5-hour seminars will give your business an edge, regardless of your experience in the industry. Get coached on direct and indirect marketing for your business as well as technical essentials like posing and light.

Here’s four reasons why you should go:

  1. You learn directly from the best in the wedding world.
  2. It’s only $99, PLUS Smuggers get an additional 20% off. (Code: SMPP11)
  3. Five hours of action- and info-packed fun.
  4. Because you love what you do and want to get ahead.

As a bonus, you may see a familiar face from Smuggy Central jumping in to share the fun. (Hey, we’re pros, too!)

Check out their list of cities to find one near you:

  • Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Orlando, FL
  • Tampa, FL
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Nashville, TN
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • San Diego, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Portland, OR
  • Seattle, WA
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Omaha, NE
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Louisville, KY
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Columbus, OH
  • Boston, MA
  • Newark, NJ
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Detroit, MI
  • Chicago, IL
  • Minneapolis, MN

Invest in yourself and register now. See you there!

Be More Social, New Customizer and Bug Fixes

Better Be Social

We’ve revamped our Be Social feature so you popular folks can easily post and share to five glorious social sites: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Posterous and the illustrious WordPress:

New Be Social sharing

We’ve beefed it up so that you can tweak settings such as the pic size and alignment, link style and if you want to attach your geolocation and keywords with your post. Best of all, you can now post to your Facebook Fan Pages in addition to your personal page!

See all the cool changes explained here.

The Share button is now visible to logged-in owners at all times. This means that you’ll see that button and can use all of these great Share features even if you’ve disabled Easy Sharing in your gallery settings. When in doubt, you can always log out for a sec or use the Visitor View button on your homepage to see your site the way guests do.

SmugMug Pros get a little added bonus: You can hook up a Bit.ly Pro account to your SmugMug Control Panel and use that for link shortening. By default everyone gets an awesome http://smu.gs short link in Be Social, but those of you with custom domains can totally flaunt your brand. Find that under the Settings tab.

Okee Doke!

We added another great designer to our list of certified customizers: Say hello to Okee.co!

Okee.co for SmugMug Customization

They offer an arresting array of gorgeous templates as well as full-on custom design. Check out their portfolio and get a clean, beautiful site that shows off your best work.

Don’t forget to see our full list of certified customizers, too.

Bug fixes:

  • Share emails were showing funky formatting when you (gallery owner) viewed your sent email stats in your Control Panel. We also made sure that the referral link you’re passing to your friends works a treat the first time and every time.
  • Pros: We added a description into your notification emails so when we bill you for features like Boutique Packaging and Order Branding, now you know what it’s for.

Here’s to making great sites to share,

The SmugMug Family